Humility, Lesson #1

So no word for sure, but as stated before, I’m at peace somehow. God’s timing is perfect and tonight I’m feelin the love, so to speak.

Tonight’s post isn’t about adoption. Rather, it’s about the lesson in humility I received tonight by my son’s bunk bed. So I’ve been feeling great lately. Last night’s PUMP went well, my hubby commented on how I’m getting close to what I looked like during college track (thanks hon, but I’m 100% these legs couldn’t run an 11 second 100m if my life depended on it). Anyhow tonight I was going to lay down next to my son to read a book. A night like any other, until…I laid down and BOOM! I went down, as did the bed. I broke it. Broke it in two places interestingly enough. I’ll take a picture so you can bask in the amazingness as much as I did.

So my son went up to tell daddy what mommy just did and what did he say? “Tell mommy she needs to do more PUMP” (sarcasm dripping, obviously, since he told me tonight PUMP is getting in the way of our marriage… :))

Moral of the story is: Just when you start feeling good about yourself, you’ll break your son’s bunk bed.

I LOVE hearing from you!

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