I’m Baaaaack

It’s me, I’m starting to feel like me again. The weekend of workout extravaganza went really well. I managed to not mess up, which is a bonus.

Now I’m back, as a mom and a wife and a contributing member (relatively speaking) to society.

We had a terrific church service yesterday. Jody‘s husband, Andy (our worship pastor), led the entire service and did a great job. He is really good at what he does. And it just kind of re-centered me, which I needed (but didn’t know it before that).

This morning we were supposed to have our homestudy but the area from which our social worker was coming is supposed to be getting 8-10 inches of snow. So it’s put off until Wednesday. This is a bummer because we need to have it done by Thursday (I’ll explain that later) but good because I didn’t feel like cleaning my house this morning.

I managed to take a few pictures this week (applause, please) so I’ll try to load those sometime today. But no promises, right now I’m taking an electronic hiatus and snuggling under some covers with my babies for a hot cocoa/movie watching bonanza.

Thankful Thursday

Still here

Still working hard for no money

Still very thankful there’s just 2 more days until my “deadline” and then I can become a good mommy and wife again.

Still even more thankful this life is mine and these kids are mine and that man sound asleep in our bed is mine.

And that you guys will count this as a post.