podcast-36Tesi – Wife to a husband who pours her a glass of wine every night and who turns off football games when he knows she needs to talk. Mom to five little darlings that are proof grace is new every day. Vegan lover of all animals, hopelessly flawed. She loves people and their stories, life with it’s beauty and terribleness, redemption, grace and all things in between.

img_0972Zach– Devoted husband. Vice President of Programs for the Michiana Y. Superior in anything he tries, particularly husband-ing and fathering. Dabbles in guitar, IT and anything else Tesi begs for around the house. The very best man in the world.

img_0883Trysten (Tryst-in)-Eldest son, biologically born (large) of Tesi’s womb. Lover of basketball and NBA2k15, avid reader, consumer of hip hop music that he hides from his younger siblings.

img_0854Tomas (Toe-mas)-Biologically born of a beautiful woman in Ethiopia. Adopted into the Zach and Tesi clan in July of 2010, older biological brother of Binyam. Lover of life, giver of hugs, stranger to no one.

img_0842Tariku (Tear-i-koo)-Born to a beautiful family in Ethiopia, adopted into the Zach and Tesi clan in April 2008. Lover of sports and animals, helper of humanity, justice seeker.

img_0840Dailah (Day-la)-Biologically born (early) of Tesi’s womb. Lover of cheerleading, comedienne of the clan. Sassy and sweet, she can be found complimenting strangers on their accessories.

img_0849Binyam (Bee-nom)– Biological brother to Tomas, also adopted in July 2010. Lover of chocolate, root beer and snuggling (those not interested in snuggling on a couch with him for hours on end need not apply). He is pure sugary love.

photo-2Mitigu-Black and white kitty rescued from a local shelter. Named after a pet of Tariku’s from Ethiopia, he is a stealthy indoor cat who longs for the great outdoors.

photo-2 copy 3Hagrid– Teddy Bear puppy. Will smother you with smooches upon entrance to the house.

photo-3Evie D– Found at a nearby barn. Not being able to tell if she was a girl or boy at first, she was named Evie D in case she turned out to be a he, in which case he would’ve promptly been called Heavy D, obviously.

IMG_0003Barbara Streisand aka “Babs”– Great Dane princess. Though not huge fans of the human Barbara Streisand, Zach loved the idea of having a dog with that diva’s name and so it was so.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. TESI!

    Wow, have I been out of the loop! I was wondering where you’ve been, and now I see! I’ve been AWOL from the Blogosphere for a few months now, myself. It was nice to catch up on my “other” favorite Klipsch Family! hahaha!

  2. Hi Tesi,
    Greetings from Wisconsin!! I have followed your blog for awhile now..I think I stumbled onto it through another..you are quite inspiring… Wow
    You make it look so easy.. I am a mother to 4 and 2 puppy dogs.. This is sort of random, but we are looking to purchase a Great Dane.. Male.. Wanting some advice??? First time owning one.
    Dog lover:) family has both mom and dad..we went to see puppies today..
    I fell in love! I see you have owned a few… I’m having a bit of a hard time deciding…looking for any suggestions
    Thanks much.. Hoping you can help

    • Hi Wendi! Thanks for commenting! Yay for great danes! 🙂 I am currently typing this with my Barbara Streisand’s head resting on my knee so I feel I’m in a good position to help. Ha! You are brave going to look at puppies before deciding, the second I agree to look at puppies is the second my husband knows that is code for “bring cash, we’re buying a dog today!” 🙂 With great danes just have LOTS of bones for them to chew on initially. Babs is over a year old and I still surround her with bones, particularly when we leave. The good news is they are potty trained really quickly (yay big bladders!) and kennel trained really easily too. I’m not sure how big the mom and dad are but I would recommend getting a kennel that “grows”. They have metal ones that have partitions that you can move back as the pup grows. It’s perfect because you don’t want it to big too big initially or they’ll start going to the bathroom in the kennel. Also get them on a leash ASAP. With big dogs if you wait too long they are so big they have the tendency to pull. Let me know if you have any other questions! You can email me tesileagh@gmail.com or leave another comment. Show us a picture if you get one! 🙂 Good luck!

  3. many other questions I forgot to ask…teehee They are asking $900…Would you say that is average for a Dane?? All shots UTD dew claws removed dewormed and a new dog bed with moms scent..too cute…And are they great with kids? .He is a mantle…ADORABLE
    The kids picked him out>>>Hubby not quite on board but he’ll get there:) I was considering the female but leaning towards the male…Preference?? Oh my goodness thankyou so much for responding…It’s so helpful…The family is very knowledgeable and very sweet..This is their 2nd litter.. Can you tell I’m a bit overwhelmed…It doesn’t help that my daughter (13) is begging and promising she will help with everthing…Yeh right?? totally ranting here..sorry…have to make a deposit tom…. 7 wks old

  4. Hey this is Dan. I am a server/manager at the Central City Taphouse in Kalamazoo. You left your ID here. It is in the office and you can come pick it up any time.

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