Well, I was told that I’ll be officially waiting as soon as they get the package (which was guaranteed today before noon) but I also thought I’d get an email. So I’m not going to start the countdown until I hear from someone in MN that they did indeed receive the dossier.

So, for now I’ll wait. I rest easy knowing it’s a matter of days.

I also rest easy because they started on the house today. They started and worked the whole day, nothing really to show for it, though. My amazing betrothed and good friend, Dan, however, have been downright attacking the house. One whole room is almost demolished and I’m feeling much better.

What am I doing you may ask? Since I’ve been sooo excited about this house being renovated and getting accutely angry when nothing has happened…well I’m sitting her blogging. Because all I can do right now is move stuff up and down stairs. I’m normally up for anything, but tomorrow night is my big BODYPUMP debut and what’s a girl to do? The hubs doesn’t understand, Dan called me an unmentionable name and I feel downright silly. But I’m so stinkin excited about the debut that I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to get through the squat and lunge track if I’m doing stairs all night. So I’m sitting on my favorite chair that I’ve moved into another room (go me) talking to you all. You understand, right?

And just for good measure, I’ll attach some pics. How about that one with the two cute kids? Did God kiss those faces or what? Pics: My aforementioned hubby (in the middle, he’s an 8-yr-old pirate) with his two brothers and a random lady (Frank=Dwight Shrewt, Jake=a road). Dailah and Trysten on a hayrack ride. Dailah in her chair watching my brother play soccer. Trysten getting in the har with his awesome bedhead.

It’s Gone!

So we mailed it. It’s no longer staring at me, by tomorrow at noon, it will be staring at Jan our Ethiopian Program Coordinator. By tomorrow at noon, we should get an email saying we are officially on the waiting list. This email might make me cry. It represents a beginning of sorts, as well as an end. An end to paper chasing, an end to me being able to have any bit of illusion of control. Even more remarkable is the beginnings it represents. The beginning of being a family of 5. A multi-racial/multi-cultural family. We will go from a one-on-one defensive strategy with our kids to a zone defense, which I was never as good at. This is the beginning of our continual emergence in Ethiopian culture. The beginning of wearing my heart outside of my body for another child. The beginning of a new sibling for my children, a new son for my husband and a new baby for me. 🙂 I am excited about it all. The challenges but more importantly the joys, however few and far between they might be in the early months.

Tonight was also the kids’s trick-or-treating night. They went with my nephews and it was irresistably cute.

Tonight was also the first night of Bodypump. We filled the gym and had to turn people away! It was a remarkable night and just plain awesome. Our Downtown Y’s Director took a big risk in bringing the program here and I was so thrilled to be able to vindicate her. Can’t wait to see how it continues to go!

Big day for us. Big day. Wait until (hopefully) tomorrow when we can announce we’re officially waiting. Happy Halloween!

It Came!

I knew in my heartest of hearts that no matter what the situation, if the amount of money that came in the mail today was found in my mailbox, I would be excited. But I was actually near tears! THE MONEY CAME! However, by the time I had the checks cashed, the money orders, etc, etc done, I was 3 minutes late to overnight it tonight. Alas, we will be officially waiting on Wednesday, not Tuesday but it’s still so soon I can taste it. The dossier is not only complete, but it’s financed, and that is a brilliant thing!

Stay tuned for pictures of us mailing in our dossier!

Can We Start the Countdown Yet?

If I can start the countdown, then we’re about T minus 4 days until THE money is in the account and we can send in THE paperwork to get on our way to getting OUR baby. For all intents and purposes, I will be starting the countdown regardless.

My long-lashed husband called today to let me know our house will be getting worked on starting tomorrow. 4 hours on Tues, Thurs and Fri and 8 hours on Wednesdays. This will continue until the house is done. If you could see me, you’d see my happy dance. It looks a bit like the running man meets the sprinkler, it’s amazing, you should see it sometime.

This week my new class begins at the Downtown Y. BodyPUMP. And what am I? That’s right PUMPED. My amazing family (hubby, brother-in-law (x2), sister-in-law and brother-in-law’s girlfriend are all going to come on Thursday. How great are they? Not to mention a bunch of my friends, so I’m so excited.

This weekend we went out for my brother-in-laws birthday, tons of fun but not NEAR enough sleep. That being said, the kids are down for a nap and I should put myself there too.

Happy Halloween to you all. Can’t wait to go trick-or-treating with my family!! Just think, next Thanksgiving we’ll have even more treaters to take!

Good News

So we figured out the whole “money issue”. In just about 8ish business days we will have the aforementioned monies and will be able to send in our dossier, signed, sealed and delivered. Gimme a little “Woot, Woot!”

So I don’t have too much else to write, I’m just all kinds of pizzumped about that. It’s amazing to me how this adoption has opened up avenues I never thought it would. I’ve met amazing people, and found people I would’ve considered friends before this even better friends. Overall people are genuinely excited for us and I find that so great. We’ve had no shortage of people offering to help us in any way they can and it means the world to us. So thank you, all of you, for all the seemingly little things you’ve said or done.

Here are a couple cute pictures of the kids because where else are you going to see all this beautifulness in one blog entry? Couple things: 1) Don’t remember if I let everyone know that my eldest lost his first tooth. Kinda crazy, kinda too young but it’s gone nonetheless. 2) Dailah has started taking around 5ish steps at a time and continues to find herself ridiculously hilarious. Okay, I think I’ve introduced the pictures enough.

Stop Looking at Me Swan

So the dossier is done. The dossier is done and it is sitting in a manilla envelope and it..is..looking at me. It won’t stop! It’s started talking to me too. I know, it sounds crazy, but it’s true.

The dossier is complete, it looks pretty too. Zach and I have sworn our lives away, had a notary witness it all (thanks, Nate) and we can’t send it in. Why can’t we send it in? Because adoption is expensive. It’s not just expensive, it’s complicatingly so. We were just going to get your basic loan, I mean, we’ve taken loans out for cars and homes, none of which we wanted as much as this. But it turns out that loan can’t be so basic, etc, etc. So we’re waiting to figure that out a bit more. But the dossier won’t stop looking at me.

It’s honestly like that dossier IS our child(ren). I feel guilty not sending it since it’s done. I feel like our child is just out there and in the worst of circumstances and somehow, me turning in my dossier would make it even just a slight bit better (granted, not as great as it would be if they weren’t in this situation in the first place, but anyhow). The dossier is the last link in getting our child(ren). Once we turn that in, the next step is finding out who our child(ren) is. The longer we wait to turn it in, the longer it will take to find out. I’ve never been accused of having any resemblence of patience but in this situation, it’s the worst I’ve experienced.

In fact, it got so bad yesterday..I drove by a sign that said if I signed up for the National Guard, they would give me a $20,000 signing bonus. I contemplated doing it, can you believe it?

Anyhow, it will all come together, I just have to learn a bit about this thing they call patience. Thanks to my hubby for being the most amazing man in history, he really truly is. His patience is lasting for the both of us, I fear for the time his wears thin as well. I’m off, better go hide the dossier before I start hugging and kissing it and putting it to bed at night.

The Fightin’ Irish

Hey all!
Well…unfortunately I don’t have exciting news, at least not on the adoption front. Our dossier is completely finished, we are just finishing up financial details so when that happens, we’re ready! I’ll definitely keep you posted.

Anyhow, this weekend was just so much fun for Zachary and myself (and I’m sure my offspring!) Our dearest friends, Dan and Becky (see picture with my triple chin) invited us to a Notre Dame game. Becky’s dad is the physician for the ND football team so we had great seats. Her parents were also beyond generous by letting us stay at their beautiful house and nibble on some food and drink a few beverages. We really had such a great time and thank the Bankoff/Aselsons for an awesome weekend.

It was a sad, sad game against USC but it was still a great time. We had time beforehand to walk around the ND campus and I can’t say enough about he beauty of that place. Zach and I had such a great time taking pictures and strolling together. We even got pictures of just the two of us, which hasn’t happened in ages! So enjoy those.

When we returned home, it was so great to see the kids. It was safe to say they had a great time getting spoiled by my sister and parents! However, we went downstairs to have some dinner and noticed there was an INFESTATION of those truly heinous non-dying ladybugs. Our house isn’t what one would call “leakproof” so approximately 4 billion found a few holes. My fabulous husband took the Dyson to as many as he could but it’s just no use.

Luckily, this led him to state that he’s had enough and he’ll hire someone to renovate this house full time, since the house wasn’t touched by anyone wanting to renovate the house last week. So…here’s to that happening! Until then, I’ll continue listening to these kamakaze ladybugs hit our light. Woohoo.