Meet Barbara Streisand

Easter weekend Zach surprised the kids and me with the news that he had bought us a new puppy. Ever since our other great dane passed, we knew we needed another one so this announcement was met with much excitement!

We had to wait a few weeks to see her as she was just a few weeks old when Zach told us about her, but then we finally got to bring her home!


Around Thanksgiving Zach turned to me and said, “I’ve always wanted a female great dane so I could name her Barbara Streisand. I would, of course, call her ‘Babs’ but how hilarious would that be?”

Thus, our new dog’s name is Barbara Streisand. We call her “Babs” or “Babalonya” or-my personal favorite-“Babadoodle doo”. When she does the great dane singing (dane’s don’t really bark, they sing) then we, of course, call her Barbara Streisand. Interestingly she is quite vocal, always doing a dog version of purring when she’s on a lap which, is often. Chicken or the egg, amiright?



I love living things. I mean, love them. Animals make me happy. In fact, I don’t trust people who don’t like animals. 😉 Only partially kidding.


Babs has been to many a baseball and soccer game-basically doing this through all of them.


Even the cold ones, where she and I insisted on staying in the car the whole game.


All of our other animals have taken a liking to her. Hagrid especially has been very patient in his brotherly love with all of her shenanigans.


Super excited to see this little songstress prance around Camp Abe Lincoln as she grows. Love her.