So I have filled our travel prescriptions (travel diarrhea anyone? mmmm) I have checked my schedule, turns out I’m free any week in March to travel to Ethiopia. (Imagine that) I started washing the few 3-yr-old clothes that I have. Tonight I will seek and find Zach and my passports. I will also figure out which of our suitcases we will be using. I’m pacing myself, but I have always been more of a sprinter than a marthoner which just goes to show you that by Sunday I will be packed with the bags at the door.

Check out Jody’s blog (it’s on the side “Jody III”). She and I were talking about her latest entry on the way to the restaurant a couple of days ago. If you have a heart, you’ll cry when you think about it. I guess you know how I feel about the situation.

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention one fascinating thing. So I went to my doctor’s office the other day after they drew some blood for a spleen “situation” I’m having. Anyway, he said basically, “It’s really weird, you’re not pregnant but a lot of your hormonal levels are mimicing pregnancy. I’ve seen it before in adoption.” Isn’t that crazy? At least I’m not gaining weight at mach speed, watching baby story every time it’s on or crying at anything…oh wait, yes I am doing those last two anyway and the first is teetering dangerously. Either way, very fascinating indeed!

Power of Prayer

So, blog friends, I’m going to ask something specific from you today.

That same day I got the word that it would be 5-6 weeks, I emailed and “negotiated” a bit as that was just too long for me. I was told by our ET coordinator that if the piece of paper that we’re waiting on to arrive to the Ethiopian Embassy arrives anytime next week, we would be allowed to travel March 13th or 20th. Obviously this makes me squeal with excitement.

So, also obviously, it’s been on my mind ALL the time since. I know a lot of you are pray-ers. I know some of you aren’t. I could actually care less at this point. If you think good things come to those who stand on their heads and sing a Celine Dion Top 40 hit, then let me know and I’ll try that too. But I’m asking all of you, quite selfishly, to pray for that itty bitty piece of paper to make it to the Ethiopian Embassy by next Wednesday. Specific enough? That way we’ll for sure get word sometime next week.

Thanks so much for being an encouragement and support. Some of you have gone before me in this adoption world, others are close friends/family that seem to give me a call or a hug when I need it the most. I figure, as good of people as you are, God has no choice but to answer our prayers (or songs) right?

1 Dream Come True

So last night was girls night with Jody, Leslie and myself. And on last night, when I needed it the most, a dream of mine came true.

To set the stage, my sister-in-law, Leslie, is a freelance writer and has been asked to do a piece on local restaurants. So we went to one that was brand new this Monday called “Graze”. Well when we got there and she said she was from QC Magazine, we got the VIP treatment! We ordered this little thing called “Graze 101” which in laymens terms is “fancy buffet” and it was great. BUT the chef was even nicer than that. He literally had people from all over the restaurant bringing us plate, after plate, after plate of food. There was so much food, I thought about crying (but I had cried all my tears earlier over Tariku).

That’s been my dream, to sit down, and just be served a ridiculous amount of delicious food and it happened last night. Here’s a picture of the dessert (which came after approximately 20 rounds of food before that). Do you see the look in my eye? The eyes are a little dull because of all the food I had eaten, seriously.

Now pair that with amazingly great conversation, lots of great laughs and some time spent at Borders reading silly magazines without kids, that was a great night.


Just got off the phone with our agency. In short, it looks like we’ll have another 2-3 weeks until we get a travel date (which means, we won’t actually travel for 5-6 weeks). Needless to say, there are no words for how unbelievably sad I am.

I was surprised at how easily I fell in love with Tariku by a picture. The bad part to that is that I’ve loved him as my son for 4 months now. Having him so far away feels about as bad as it would (God forbid) if anyone took Trysten or Dailah for that long. Hearing we’d have to wait so much longer, well it’s pretty much unacceptable to me right now. I’ve already put in a call to a travel agent to see how much it would cost to fly me, possibly Zach, and the two kids to Ethiopia so we can live there as a family until the Government can figure out how to make this family complete.

I’m just ready. Have I said that yet?

Check Out the Cutie

Look at Tariku over on the side there. Isn’t he precious?

So I knew before that I couldn’t be around Africans until Tariku comes home. After Biggest Loser tonight, I can no longer watch/see brothers either. Brothers reminds me of Trysten and Tariku. Brothers are no good for my psyche either. Note to self, you will cry when you see brothers.