No Internet

We’ve had no/VERY limited internet for the last week. I’ve chosen to spend my time over here blogging for my sister-in-law who is picking up my niece as we speak. So sue me.


We went to Chicago this weekend, Zach and I, without kids (thanks Frank and Terre). It was great.

I have a sinus infection and double ear infections (because apparently I’m 2 years old). It’s not fun.

Life is still good.

When I get more internet I’ll tell you why.

Until then,

go here and see something that needs your support. Go here too. Love these groups.


This weekend Zach and I will be heading with my family to Chicago. Because of that, we celebrated Easter a bit early so the kids could have a good old fashioned egg hunt.

Tomas and Binyam thoroughly enjoyed their first egg hunt, as did the other three who were old hat at it by then.


Last Friday my sister watched the littles so I could go on a field trip with Trysten’s 2nd grade class. The class was going to the expo center where they were going to learn about earth day events. I like earth day events, I love Trysten, so I thought this would be a good one to volunteer for. 

I was in charge of Trysten and his friend, Anthony. Once in the expo center we just got to run around and do things at our own pace. These two were such great kids, they made what was honestly a very boring field trip decent.
Then yesterday Trysten brought home thank you notes from the pair of them. 
From Trysten:
“Thank you mom for coming with us. I do not know what I would do without you.” Love, Trysten Klipsch
From Anthony:
“Dear Mrs. Klipsch, thank you for going to the Earth day fair. My favorite part was when we made the plates. Your friend, Anthony.”
A couple of sweeties.

Love and Marriage

Saturday one of our favorite couples had their wedding reception in town. Zach had been in their wedding (in Sioux Falls, SD) just 6 months ago but the kids and I weren’t able to go for various reasons. I was so excited to toast to the pair of them. Kyle (the groom) was actually a groomsmen in our wedding and I fell in love with Bonnie (the bride) about 3 years ago when I met her for the first time. They are just perfect for each other. (Sidenote: I tried to get a picture off their Facebook from their wedding to show you their awesome style but it’s not working)

The kids were excited too…only after I told them there would be lots of dancing and sugar.

The sugar. Ai yi yi

Right when we got there Ansley (niece of the groom and a friend of Trysten’s since they were in diapers) came and said “hi” to Trysten. The rest of the night she and her friends would come around the boys giggling. Oy. Trysten would just keep doing his word search, Tariku would smile and wave and Tomas would do this:

Subtle, real subtle Tomas.

And the dancing…Zach and I had to teach them a few moves, they tend to get caught in the robot for songs on end. Zach’s home is the bootyshake, my home is the finger snapping shimmy.

We have together. What great ages they are for things like this!


Last Thursday the Y had their annual dinner and my babes were asked to say grace before dinner. They were beautiful. This one, I just couldn’t stop messing with. Adding pearls, make up, oh my!

I didn’t have a great angle on their super precious prayer but that could’ve been the tears that were making my vision a tad blurry.

This Weekend

Was Father/son weekend at camp. I wrote more about it here. It was such an awesome time for my boys.

It was a truly beautiful weekend, unseasonably warm for mid-April in Iowa. I could honestly get used to this. And so could my babes.

Getting a good picture of this boy’s true smile is like pulling teeth. Beautiful anyway.

The birdfeeders they made during the father/son camp.

Zach let Dailah and me sneak up to camp for dinner. I found Papa Smurf grilling with a sweatshirt on. He was sweet enough to even grill Zach and me some veggie burgers!

Tariku said they were the best hot dogs ever. I like to think it’s because Papa put lots of extra love…and sweat into them. 🙂

Zach checked out the garden, sprouting some goodies already. I can’t say it’s a coincidence that I’m always taking pictures of Zach when he’s bent over. It’s like the camera is drawn to his backside…maybe it’s just me.

Trysten went to his first party without us. One of his best friends. I dropped him off and found myself checking the smoke alarms, the exits and the neighborhood. Took everything in me to drive away. He survived (so did I) and to celebrate we went for ice cream.

She looks so old in this picture. 😦

I love this picture. Each kid’s personality is perfectly on display here. And Zach, well he’s clearly obliging me.

Sunday we went to one of our favorite restaurants (Woodfire Grill) to celebrate my sister-in-law, Kait. She’s moving to Japan tomorrow. We are so proud of her and love her so much. Both excited and sad about her leaving but mostly just tremendously honored to count her among us.

Have I mentioned my kids love each other? I mean, they really love each other.