Crazy Weekend

It’s been a crazy weekend. We had some great friends over Friday night. I shared my enchiladas that Cassie made, which I now regret (I need the recipe, Cassie!). But they shared their beer so I think we’re somewhat even.

Yesterday we launched a new Bodypump release the kids and myself were at the Y until 2.

Zach has been at a training all weekend so we’ve not seen too much of him.

Today we went to church and are now taking naps, which I will surely partake in after this absolutely necessary blog.

My mom called today to tell me that my grandpa had fallen, a possible stroke. My typically optimistic mind is racing at breakneck speed to pessimism. I’m praying for him with all my might today.

My 3 names (first, middle, last) are constantly being misspelled. If I would’ve not been so head over heels for Zach, I maybe would’ve thought about keeping my easy-to-spell maiden name but I didn’t. Worst I got from a telemarketer was teshoshe klipesch. Today I looked in the mail and Zach has a piece of mail for him. If they didn’t have his first name, I wouldn’t be exactly sure who it was for as it was addressed to “Zach klit” and that’s no jokes. I think I’m going to keep it just because it’s hilarious.

You remember that book of 660 pages I was supposed to read half of by Monday? I finished it last night. 660 pages in approximately 2 days. I couldn’t stop, good stuff. The Other Boyeln Girl is what it is called. I love reading, absolutely love it.

The kids….are….great. Tariku is starting to get his wits about him and I must say I’m very proud to have another funny child join the family. Though his jokes are sometimes in Amharic, I completely get that he must’ve been the funniest 3-year-old in Ethiopia. He has started to go back and forth between wanting to forget about Ethiopia and wanting to show it off. I tried to give him some injera the other day and he told me he doesn’t like it. But in the bath last night he kept saying, “Tariku Ethiopia, mommy America, daddy America, TT America, Dailah America.” When I just put him down for his nap he was jokingly messing up who was who and then just laughing so hard…way to precious.

The pee thing is getting better. Everything still smells like urine but now it’s mostly because he forgets to flush, so that’s an improvement. As he runs to the bathroom he yells, “Pull pants all the way down!” “Shinte in the toilet, not on floor!” Who’s a proud mommy?

Trysten and Dailah are getting ever the more clever as well. I really think they’ve taken quite a liking to being a family of 5. I can’t remember if I’ve ever seen anything as cute as them all holding hands but if I have, it completely escapes me. Truth be told I’m enjoying myself too. Things haven’t really changed that much from 2-3 kids. I felt it big time only once that I can remember. Today on the way to church I was carrying Dailah as she was sleepy. Trysten was holding on to my hand and Tariku was holding on to his (remember Zach was working). So Trysten and Tariku start running and Tariku falls, skins up his knee. He wants carried, Dailah wants carried. I had my purse, diaper bag, water bottle, 60 lbs of kids in my arms and one tugging on my coat. I sure could’ve used an extra set of hands but my good church-going people obliged me and picked up Dailah. 🙂

Anyway this post was so random but I had a few things I wanted to remember before I forgot them…which could be anytime from 3 minutes or 2 hours, they will doubtfully last longer than that. Pictures next post, I promise!

One thought on “Crazy Weekend

  1. Hey, great random post! i will keep your grandpa in my prayers…think good thoughts and run from all that pessimistic stuff! (Who am I to talk 🙂 ~ )Glad the pee and all are going well. Fingers crossed for a fabulous week!

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