Other random pictures.

Yesterday was a big road race here in the QC called Bix (after Bix Beiderbeke…spelling that wrong…a famous jazz musician who hails from Davenport). We pull in the big folks for this 7 mile run and this year it included about 5 Ethiopians. So I dressed the kids up, after a quick celebration of Dailah’s 2nd birthday, in their Ethiopian gear to go cheer them on. It was a good time had by all.

Last night I got a night away with my sister-in-law, Kait who just came back from Chile. Try to focus on my “beauty” when hers is shining next to me….sucks.

My friend, Kasey, was also there…her fiance was playing in a pretty sweet band (Wicked Liz and the Belly Swirls) so we enjoyed cheering him on…good stuff.

Doozie on her birthday morning receiving her special birthday pancakes.

I’ve been trying to get pictures of the different faces Tariku strikes so easily. Here is the face I know he is up to something.

Isn’t he impressively striking in this traditional chinese outfit (I’m not even attempting to spell it but it sounds like “gee”, right?)

He is just too beautiful. I love looking at him like I do now. Like my son, like my baby. Like I would do anything for him. Like I can’t believe how blessed I am that he’s in my life.

Caught this rare moment of Trysten NOT being aware of the camera. He was SOOO excited about Terre’s boxes so she pulled them in the front yard and he was just seething with pure joy.

Brothers holding hands (with no prompting from mom!) before Tariku got his cast off.

The kids sharing after no cast.

Just beauty.

We met my parents in Iowa City on Friday to celebrate Dailah’s birthday. Here she is with her cake.

I have been on a kick to start producing as many of our grocery needs at home to help with the monthly budget. Here is my very first shot at wheat bread. It was impressive, and delicious and probably award winning. It was so good in fact, that Aristotle (our dog) ate one of the loaves while I was getting bags packed to leave the house after the STORM.

This is how Doozie helped Terre cook for our family, Frank and Terre, and 15 scared camp counselors.

Kids proud of their shucked corn.

Tariku excited about his first Iowa sweet corn experience. No one grows it better than our local farmers!

Good picture of my brother-in-law with Doozie and my nephew Puddin’.

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  1. We are all very blessed no one was harmed (at Camp and in the Rowell household). The storm continues to be a challenging experience for all effected by it. It is times like these that one really appreciates their friends, family, neighbors and complete strangers. I fully understand the place you were in and the blessings you counted as your children were left unharmed. We must prey for those families that lost their little angels. Tesi, the doof that read and commentted on your blog doesn’t know you, prey for him/her as well.

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