The Party

Last night we had Dailah’s birthday party. Just a BBQ and some pool time. Good times but I was exhausted by the end of the night. So here are the pictures to speak for me.

She was a rockstar with her new guitar, glasses and high heels.

The cousins at the kid table. Outgrowing it quickly, once my sweet niece from Ethiopia comes we’re going to have to push two tables together, restaurant style.

The kids before the big candle blowout.

Doozie had lots of help opening gifts.

Her reaction to presents.

Dailah’s reaction to the most beautiful cake ever.

Thrilled about a microphone.

Doozie and her aunt Kara.

Look at this cake! It was homemade by my friend, Ann. Can you even believe it? She knows Dailah too well. Dailah put both hands on her cheeks and said, “Ohmygoodness!” So many thanks to Miss Ann!

And today we finally gave up the pacifiers. She had just been on them at nap and bed times so it wasn’t that big of a deal. But she was excited because she got to give them to her friend Baby Cates. She’s now taken a nap and went to bed without a pacifier and only minimal fussing about it. This parenting thing is a cake walk. Ahem.

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