And Pre-School

Tariku was beyond excited. As in, here was excited, and he was out of sight. Way past. So cute. I’ve literally been counting the days down for him because he’s been so crazed about it. I think he built it up quite high and was slightly disappointed it was a mere 2.5 hours today. But man, was he excited.

Little harder than I thought to let him go. We walked into his room and saw his teacher. He walked right up to her, extended his little hand and said, “Hi, I’m Tariku, nice to meet you.” That’s no joke. His teacher looks at me, grabs him in a hug and says, “Well it’s a little early to have favorites but my goodness!”

I know, he’s just that cute. To know him is to love him. And that I do.

So every day, for 2.5 hours I’m a mom to just one child. I kept turning around today looking for the others. Very weird feeling. I miss both boys when they’re not here. Truth be told, I’ve enjoyed my one-on-one time with Dailah as well. Enough of the words, bring on the pictures, you say?

The flag he made when he met his first preschool teacher. The whole family is represented on there somewhere and he spelled his name at the top. Do you notice it looks like he combined some english and some amharic there? I was quite impressed.

And Dailah’s reaction to Tariku leaving her. She screamed “Chooo chee” (that’s what she calls him) for about 5 minutes after we dropped him off. Poor thing is so very attached to her older brother.

10 thoughts on “And Pre-School

  1. What a great shot of Dailah [despite her sadness], it's so REAL! …& "choo-chee"?! How precious; I can here it now!OMG, Tariku is such a BEAUTiFUL child. You really ARE blessed. 🙂

  2. Oh man is he a cutie! Isn't that the weirdest feeling…having only one in the car? Whenever that happens to me I have to keep turning around, like I'm looking for them, or I forgot them somewhere! Crazy Moms!

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