O Christmas Tree!

Have you been holding your breath for pictures? You should have been, because this tree takes the proverbial cake.

It’s Charlie Brown meets the Klipschs.

It’s the little tree that could.

It’s perfect because it’s us. Different, a little quirky, kind of perverse and perfect in the imperfections.

And one of my new favorite ornaments. Guess where I got it. You’re right, at the Water4Christmas etsy shop. Follow my tab on the sidebar and get something cool like that for you!

7 thoughts on “O Christmas Tree!

  1. I read your blog a lot but I don't ever comment (that I can recall) so I hope you take this the right way…That is the worst Christmas tree I have ever seen. It made me laugh right out loud. It is absolute perfection.

  2. Hmm… It looks a bit like a ghost – is it a ghost of Christmas past? That's seriously the best I could come up with, what with my eyes filled with tears from laughing and all.I especially love the new ornament – we have the same one:)

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