World Aids Orphan Day. Mothers Day, etc

I have no idea what I’ve been doing the last week. All I know is, somehow I managed to not get on my computer much the last week and therefore have not been able to blog in that time.

I wanted to blog for World Aids Orphan Day, but I didn’t, so go here and listen to Erin. She’s amazing and says it better than I could anyway.

I wanted to blog about my dear friend, Beth, passing court. In 6-8 weeks she’ll meet Ethiopia and her sweet Lucia (and maybe, selfishly, T3 and B). I am so excited for her whole family.

I wanted to blog about having a wedding shower for my almost sister-in-law but there were too many little cookies to make, too many meat trays to pick up.

Then I wanted to write about mother’s day but I was enjoying it too much.

I wanted to write about how much I love being a mom but I couldn’t find the words. About how I pinch myself at the very thought of this being my life.

I wanted to write about this “job” of mothering my kids.

I wanted to write about the card my hubby got me that listed lots of reasons why I was a good mom (including, but not limited to, “You wash pee sheets” and “You wash sharted* undies”). *sharted, if you didn’t know, is when people thought they were farting and well, sh*t their pants. It’s a shart, and my boys do it from time to time.

I wanted to write about how when I was taking a shower my eldest slipped a note under the door, a note on mother’s day, that made me cry.

I wanted to write about the mom who I share this day with. This mom I think of every day. The mom who I share one of my kids with.

I wanted to write about my mom, this most amazing, loving, beautiful, tireless creature who inspires and supports beyond comprehension.

I also wanted to write about my mom-in-law. Funny, beautiful, loving, joyful, talented beyond comprehension.

I wanted to write about my grandma, my aunts, my sister-in-law, my friends, my fellow adoptive mommies and bloggers.

I wanted to write about the women who so long to be mommies but who find their arms empty this mother’s day. I wanted to tell them that it won’t always be that way, that I pray and hope for them every day to experience this wonderful world.

I wanted to write to the single moms who have my respect one hundred times over.

I wanted to write about moms around the world who have made the most difficult decisions. The “birth moms” who are so much more than that.

I wanted, perhaps most, to talk about my kids. The ones who made me “mom”.

But I was busy loving and laughing. I was busy enjoying this mom-ness. I was busy with these three. And busy dreaming about the other two.

Happy mother’s day to you!

4 thoughts on “World Aids Orphan Day. Mothers Day, etc

  1. Beautiful. Made me teary. So much that we all have to be grateful for. And me, on top of everything else, am likewise thankful to have such a good friend in you. Happy Mother's Day one day late. See you Wednesday. I am making quiche!

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