Bad Blogger

So seriously, it’s been anywhere from 82 degrees to 89 degrees INSIDE my house this summer.


And then my friend, Chrissy, “made” me read the Twilight series. I read the 4 books in 4 days and was a less than awesome mom. But it was worth it because they were a fun (and saucy?) read. I do so love reading.

These are really the only 2 reasons why I’ve been a bad blogger.

I have some pretty great posts ready in the que but first I wanted to talk about my favorite husband because we’re about to celebrate our 8th year of wedded bliss. And I think of him lots actually.

We’re a lot alike the two of us, but there are some pretty unique differences too.

One of them is that I actually really enjoy eating healthy things. Fruits and veggies make me smile from the inside out. I’ve been slowly taking as much prepackaged food out of our house as possible. It’s been a good practice in lots of ways.

Zach, not such a fan of this practice of mine. A few months ago he walks in at lunch and says,

Is there nothing in this house that I can cook in 3 1/2 minutes? Where are my ramen noodles? I need prepackaged food!

And he probably couldn’t be cuter if he tried.

Do you remember the post from our first trip to Ethiopia where we were in the Amsterdam airport? My breakfast was a sausage roll and coffee. Zach’s was a shot of whiskey and a beer (to be fair, it was something like 9pm our time, but 6am their time). We thought we’d do that again.

Thus, my breakfast at Amsterdam. A spinach quiche, coffee and yogurt with granola.

Zach’s. A root beer, piece of pizza and coffee.

At some point I will get him to eat his veggies like a human but until then his smile still melts me so pizza it is.

6 thoughts on “Bad Blogger

  1. Love Twilight! Now you have to go to Stephanie Meyer's website and read the online first part of the Twilight book in Edward's viewpoint… love it!!!! 🙂

  2. Zach is too precious. You tell him 3.5 minutes is more than the time it takes to wash some veggies….LOVE HIM!!! Oh yeah, I'm also going to "make" you go to the movies tonight!

  3. Happy anniversary! :)Here in Europe we eat different food than you in the USA. Only fresh cooked meals, allmost nothing preecooked and a lot of healthy stuff. Junk food is on my menue only once every couple of mounths and I feel terrible when I eat it. :)Maybe you prepare Zack some healty veggies for your anniversary dinner! :))

  4. Your first challenge will be to have Zach eat a little lettuce and tomato on a taco or burrito. He is a very consistent guy. We still love the him even in his veggie challenged life.

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