One of my favorite things about adopting an older child is how they call you out on your junk. For instance, when we started decorating for Halloween, Tomas looks at me, “Mommy, why we do this? Why this in the house?” Well, there really was no explanation as to why I was in the middle of hanging little pumpkin tinsel. I just looked at him, “When you’re in America, you’ll notice Americans do a lot of crazy things that make no sense. Run with the ones you like, leave the ones you don’t.”

This past weekend at my parent’s house the kids got to carve a pumpkin. Tomas looked at me, “Why we do this?” I reminded him of the crazy Americans. He seemed to accept that as a justifiable reason as to why we would gut a perfectly good food item and carve it out to scare little children. I, on the other hand, have become increasingly skeptical of some of our traditions. πŸ™‚

But they were stinkin cute regardless. Oh, we also got to decorate cookies, now that makes sense.

3 thoughts on “Pumpkins

  1. Seriously, how do you make sense of halloween??? My kids just like it because they can wear their costumes OUTSIDE rather than just in the basement…

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