Date Night

On Saturday morning I got a message from Jared asking if we were interested in tickets to the Holiday Pops concert (Jared works for the Quad City Symphony, an amazing, vital, aspect of our community). We always celebrate with the boys when their report cards come back if the teachers comment on their hard work and if it’s clear they are doing their very best in school. We don’t actually celebrate grades, but we do praise effort and character. All 3 boys received top props for those categories so a date night was promised.

These free tickets held much promise because 1) they were free and 2) all 3 boys love music. So it was decided, I would take our boys to celebrate their first semester.

They were so excited. Tomas was even more excited once we got him all gussied up.

They were so excited they were smothering me with kisses (especially when I begged for them).

Just before we left an infomercial caught Zach’s eye. And as I turned around I noticed the entire family was equally impressed.

We got to the concert a bit late but this is what we saw when we first got to our seats.

It was beautiful! At one point Tomas grabbed my arm and said, “Mommy I want to cry! The music is just so beautiful!” I seriously love how open and in touch that kid is with his emotions. So many things move him, I can relate to this in an invaluable way.

Tariku noticed there were people on the ground able to eat (he is notorious for noticing all things food related). He was still incredibly irresistible.

They sat really well through an hour and a half so I decided to spoil them with a little cookies and cream Whiteys, despite it being 9pm (1 and a half hours past bedtime!).

I LOVE date nights. Having them for so much time away from everyone else reminds me why I love each one so much. On the car rides we discussed topics as far reaching as: girls, friends, school, Jesus, God, Christmas, Ethiopia and farts.

Tomas told me some things he remembers about Ethiopia.

Tariku told me a story he remembered that I hadn’t heard before.

Trysten took all of that in and, as I tucked him in, said he was so thankful his brothers were here-in our family.

Couldn’t agree more…about all of them.

Love my “bigs”!

4 thoughts on “Date Night

  1. The QCSO thanks you for the shout out, as do I! It made me a bit weepy when you said Tomas was weepy. He and I will have to sit a cry through the end of Babe or It's a Wonderful Life sometime. Thomas just thinks I'm weird.

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