Our school

I know I’ve mentioned here many times how great the school that we ended up at, rather by accident, truly is. I know I’ve said it because sometimes I just can’t get over how lucky we are to have stumbled there.

For the last 2 weeks Tomas has been talking about an ESL (English as a Second Language) celebration. Yesterday the ESL teacher called me to discuss details about said ESL celebration.

On Tuesday night they have invited parents of the school to come learn more about the different cultures that are represented at the school. Wednesday during the day the entire school gets to check it out. Awesomesauce? I think so.

The teacher asked us if we’d bring everything we had that represented Ethiopia. She asked lots of questions about the culture, about some of the food and drink staples, etc. I told her we’d bring all of our goodies. As well as some injera and some Ethiopian coffee.

Got in touch with a local Ethiopian who will be making all of the injera for me (just until I get my injera making pan, then it’s all me!) and it looks like we might be all set.

Oh my Tomas, he is SOOOO excited. So excited to tell everyone about Ethiopia, show them a major part of who he is. So we’re going all out on this one. (Tariku is also excited, as he gets to stand at the Ethiopia table too but he is not in the ESL program).

Because that’s huge to us. A school that celebrates the differences? Doesn’t happen all of the time.

Be prepared for copious amounts of pictures and love espousing on Tuesday and Wednesday. It could get all kinds of ridiculous here at hotflawedmama.

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