Unpack your backpack

Last Thursday night the 4 kiddos heading to Elementary school had their “Unpack your backpack” night. They get to meet their teachers, see some of their friends and….unpack their backpack.

First Dailah. The kindergartner. Someone hold me.

Tariku. 1st grader. Gulp.

A book in Tariku’s class. I love this school. Love, love, love.

Tomas the 2nd grader. More excited than any human ever. About anything. Ever.

Trysten leading the pack in 3rd grade. Nervous, excited. Lawdy.

The younger 3 all got teachers that we’ve had before, which we were so thankful for. They are proven to be amazing, hard working, loving people. Trysten’s we know nothing about but we know he, of any of them, needs the least amount of “great teaching”, though he still deserves it obviously.

Almost time!

to keep my mind

off of the fact that my eldest is in St. Louis with my father-in-law for a grandpa/grandson bonding trip and off the fact that I miss him, I’m going to post pictures of some irresistible cuteness. Consider yourself warned.

Sunday we celebrated My father-in-law’s birthday and his and my mom-in-law’s anniversary. First by some snuggling…of adults.

and then some of adults/kids. Or just me and Doozie.

Tomas fed baby Cash his sucker.

and Dailah was just Dailah.

birthday man dolled out suckers.

Jake vacuumed the carpet for no apparent reason.


Serious again

Zach dressed up Julio. Hilarious.

Cool dude

Terre sewed them matching dresses. Adorable.

OK I almost forgot about Trysten for a few minutes. But now I’m remembering again and am sad. 🙂 Maybe another blog post will help?

but before that

we went to the fairgrounds to eat some deliciousness. It was hot. Balls Super hot.

Zach made the executive decision to take the bigs (along with my nephew Oliver and Papa Frank) golfing. Remember I talked about us having family huddles? Yeah, Zach has them too.

The littles (with my other nephew Elihu) went on a few errands and then arrived back at Elihu’s house. Baby Sinta was sleeping but as soon as she woke up the camera couldn’t help but take lots of pictures of her.

Still so good to have her home, and see her do normal kid things like use the blanket storage as a pretend bed. Love her.

The first sleepover

Dailah got invited to her first sleepover Monday night. She was so excited to spend the night with her “sisters”.

There were tales of bubbles baths, movies and popcorn. Dailah was overjoyed that Maggie and Emma let her pick everything they played, did and watched. She had an amazing time.

These two friends of hers are the very, very best. So happy she has them in her life.