and then there were two

the bigs took off for resident camp this week. I realize they’ll be spending the night mere feet from our house, but that didn’t lessen their excitement one bit.

I was actually excited for them as well. Lately they’ve been getting a little bored at home and I thought this was the perfect way to feed their need for constant movement. Plus, I wholeheartedly believe that every kid should go to camp. Especially these:

These two get to go to day camp this week as well. If you do math as well I as I do you’ll surmise that I will be kidless this week. I will admit to being fairly excited about this fact. My to-do list is pages long.

It took but a few minutes from the time I dropped the bigs off for me to gain new energy. Keeping up with 5 kids is different than 2, even if it’s only mental from time to time. So with my new vigor I harvested our rather happy (finally some rain!) garden.

And got to work on 4 loaves of zucchini bread. Zach dropped by and asked if I needed some help. He decided he would peel the zucchini. Notice zucchini placement. Perv.

And this picture? Well she was just too cute. The last few months she’s decided to pick out her outfits herself.  I love that Dailah has her own style that is so uniquely her own. I just go with it. Today’s was actually “normal”, I can assure you it’s not always.

5 thoughts on “and then there were two

  1. Ok, worst injustice EVER that we don't live closer to each other. My kids are in day camp all week. Just think of all the trouble you and I could get into if we were in the same city. I'm getting lots done, but I'd rather be hanging out with you. I love that your 3 oldest get to go sleep away. That is so cool.

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