The Sisterhood of the Blogging Klipschs

I might have the best sister-in-laws in the entire world. Yesterday I joined the sisterhood of bloggers with one of my sisters I was blessed to marry into. Leslie is a professional writer and her blog: is filled with profound poems and amazingly insightful short stories. I read her blog and want to be a better person. The pink words come off the page and make me laugh, cry, do the happy dance and send silent hugs through email. She’s an amazing stay-at-home mom that doesn’t give herself enough credit; which, let’s be honest, what mom does? She is an intellectual stimulator and if she loves you, she will be your biggest fan until the day she dies. We have been told (maybe only by each other) that we look a lot alike, we laugh often and on occasion drink too much wine. We fancy ourselves entrepreneurs in spirit and will go to great lengths to discuss what kinds of new business this world needs. She is what I like to call a little piece of heaven right here on Earth.

After I joined the blogging world, my second sister-in-law, Kait wasted no time joining too. See, that’s just what we do. Leslie blogs, so do Kait and I. I have babies, so does Leslie (and Kait will too as soon as she can). Kait buys a purse, so do Leslie and I. That’s just the kind of sisters we are. Her blog is filled with ridiculously sound statements made from a college freshman. She has always been that way. She’s one of those women we short women hate. Tall, long legs, beautiful in literally every way imaginable. If she weren’t my sister, she would be one of those women I would search for something to make fun of just so I felt better about myself. The sad part is, I’ve actually tried and there is literally nothing bad about this woman. Kait is the most down-to-earth, hilarious, intelligent, self confident, Godly woman I’ve ever met. I like to pretend like I’m so much older and wiser than she; I am after all 5 years older, but she understands more of the world than I do. She has a greater grasp of life than most people I know. If I were to have a daughter, I would honestly want her to be exactly like Kait, long eyelashes, long legs and all. She is what I like to call a little piece of heaven right here on Earth.

So why dedicate an entire blog entry to these two women? Because in a world where we fantasize about having Halle Berry’s facial features and Anna Kornikova’s body; I find myself wanting to be most like a stay-at-home mom and a college freshman. Perfect in their imperfections. And how great would it be if we all idolized other women for their intellect or their Godliness and not on their size 4 frame and ridiculously good bone structure? The way I see it, hopefully I’m just ahead of the times. Maybe when my kids get to the idolizing age they will find perfect examples in their siblings; in an even better world, maybe they’ll just find it in themselves.

4 thoughts on “The Sisterhood of the Blogging Klipschs

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