Random Rumblings

So WHEN is our house going to sell? We keep having these “really good signs” from people who come look through it. They will call for more information, get our hopes up then we don’t hear from them. Or, like the people on Saturday, go through it talking about where they will put their furniture, tell our Realtor they’ll think about it over the weekend and then not call us! (Okay, so it’s only just after the holiday weekend, but still!) Oh how I long to sell the house. It is ironic though, because if Zach wouldn’t have gotten the job that offers us a house, I would NEVER want to sell my house. It’s so beautiful and perfect. Which is why I will never understand why others don’t fall head over heels with it like I do every time I walk in!

I made it. I am now without an appendix AND a gall bladder. Had my gall bladder removed last Wednesday. Apparently the whole procedure only took 11 minutes. Ever the competitor, I asked if that was the record breaker. Much to my dismay, the record stands at 9 minutes. When I follow up with the surgeon on Thursday I will ask why he slacked off on us. I did everything right, the blame lies with him and those slow hands. Alas, he did a wonderful job and though I am still quite sore, I am on the mend. I don’t feel very well today but that could be due to: a) lack of sleep, b) onset of a cold, c) abdomen sensitivity or d) I AM AT WORK. All signs point to (e) all of the above with d) being one of the MAIN reasons.

On a lighter note, went to Chicago this weekend. Though it was a bit rough and in hindsight it might have been better had I just went up Sunday, it was an altogether good time. I’m reminded of all of my blessings after an especially great conversation with my sister-in-law, Kait that lasted until the wee hours of the Monday morn.

Also went to a Cubbies game yesterday. Though the Cubs lost and I got uncomfortable, I saw my aforementioned friend, Derek. It was quite random but it made my soul feel good so we’ll count it as a win according to Tesi.

Went to the Chicago Klipsch’s church on Sunday. It was an awesome sermon and I’m blessed for having heard it. At one point the guy leading worship said he encounters God everyday in the form of his 9-mth-old son. He said it’s awesome to look at his son and just see the unconditional love staring back. He said he thinks that God sometimes says to him, “See, that’s how I love you.” I love the image of God looking at me the way my kids look at me. Their unconditional love is truly a refreshing and rewarding experience.

My goal for this week is to be consciously less negative about the things in my life that are a constant source of my pain (whether physical, emotional, spiritual or what have you). Obviously I’m starting now…at the end of this blog, or rather, after the first two paragraphs of this blog! I’ve always been the kind to try to see God in the every day. The beautiful sun, the much needed hug, etc. But I’ve been riddled with such pessimism lately I haven’t liked looking myself in the mirror. So today is a new day. And as my husband would say, nothing can kill your soul unless you let it. So I say “On guard!” to you who try to steal my soul, I am no longer laying down without a fight.

Oh, and bring on news of adoption! Yeehaw baby doggies!

I LOVE hearing from you!

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