Hair has been the subject of choice over here at hotflawedmama. Take for instance last night.

I was brushing my teeth, just discussing with my loving husband the few small differences I’ve started noticing in my face. Then I see this:

That, my friends, is my first gray hair (or, rather, gray root). I wasn’t freaking out so much as I was incredulous. I’m still so young, I’m wondering why no one told my hair or my breasts that. They’ve forgotten that memo.

And then Tariku. His hair was getting so long. He cried pretty much every time I even reached towards a comb. At first I was going to have someone cornrow it or something…then I saw the price for that and got sticker shock. So we cut it. He looks like a little man, he really does. He also looks like the pictures we would get from Ethiopia. Brings back good memories but it just baffles me how much more I know the little boy from these pics as opposed to that earlier version.

But seriously, look at those eyes!

6 thoughts on “Hair

  1. Oh my gosh, he is adorable. And he DOES look like his pics from the care center in Ethiop. But what gorgeous eyes……And gray hair????? I hardly think you have ANYTHING to worry about yet. yet. love you!

  2. Ah yes the first grey hair… stinks doesn’t it?! I got my first at 27.And oh my goodness, What a handsome man! He looks all grown up with his hair cut. My Nahom looks the same way when we first cut his hair. SO handsome!

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