Last night the kiddos and I treked off to Target to do some much needed grocery shopping and present buying. Since June is a big month for us as far as birthdays and anniversarys go, we had a lot to do. I love going to Target with my kids. Trysten and I share the popcorn combo, talk about our days, what toys he wants, etc. Dailah laughs at everything. Wiggles her hands and feet and grabs at Trysten’s hair or my belt. So last night I got an urge to write about each of them in my blog.

I’m afraid Trysten is a lot like me. We’ve been told we look a lot alike. He has my wide face, smaller stature and my smile. He has my wider nose and my runny nose. He has my freckles and complexion (please God, without the acne!) He has my speed and athletic prowess (okay, he gets that from both sides). We have the same sleep schedule, which is to say, sleep as much as you can whenever you can. We go to bed early and wake up early, take a nap if we can get it. He loves talking (particularly on the phone as of late) and cries at movies.
But he has his daddy’s sense of humor and thirst for rough housing. He enjoys his daddy’s favorite pastimes like farting and peeing outside. He has his daddy’s beautiful eyelashes, thank goodness. He also has the Klipsch legs that go together from hip to knee and then flare out as if having a ball between the calves. Though quite weird, it’s amusing to see him and Papa Frank standing next to each other with those very distinct legs!

But above all, what I’m most proud of, he is just a good kid. He is so caring, so thoughtful, so loving. He is kind to people, shares well and his spirit is just so good. Of course he has his bad days and bad moments but he is so genuine and passionate in everything he does. It’s truly a sight to behold.

As a purely baby booking mention, he can write all of our names and spell many words by sounding them out. He has also learned to do a handstand and really does it pretty well. He also enjoys sommersaulting and his teachers tell me he is the best colorer in the class. He enjoys counting to 50 (and getting $ from our friend, Dan for doing so!) He also enjoys collecting mommy and daddy’s leftover coins and putting them in his Spiderman billfold. Once he has enough, he likes to buy something when we go grocery shopping. Something with only his money that he can put on the counter, have the person ring it up and then handover his money. He loves any figurine that has the potential to kill “bad guys”. He sleeps in the lower bunk with a blanket draped over because he gets scared to see the green light blink on the smoke detector. He also likes “Mr. Crab” to sit outside his bedroom to scare off the bad guys. He enjoys helping me clean and especially do laundry.

You saw the soccer pictures but here is another where, it has been argued, I’m holding my look alike and Zach’s holding his.

I LOVE hearing from you!

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