It’s kind of tough to write about Dailah. There’s something about being a mom to a little girl. I can’t put my finger on it quite yet, but once I find the words I’ll be sure to write about it. Anyway, whatever it is, I wouldn’t mind having more of it.

Though I’ve always wanted a little mini-me, it has been brought to my attention Dailah looks like her dad. After much reflection I must admit there are some stark similarities even the most narcissitic of moms couldn’t deny. Last night when I was giving Dailah and Trysten a bath, I noticed she had her daddy’s darker complexion. This means she will have that beautiful bronzed tone from just being outside for a few minutes. (Needless to say, this also means Trysten will be burned to a crisp in the same short time span, sorry Tman!) She also has his amazing eyes with beautiful long lashes. She has his terrific, perfectly plump, naturally pink lips. She has his build (that is to say, lots of junk in the trunk) and I’m told Zach used to move his hands and feet all the time as she does. She also (thankfully) has his chin that doesn’t dip down when she smiles. She also has his sleep schedule. Stay up late, sleep in. Coax me to going to sleep but just try to wake me before I’m ready. They’ll take a nap if there’s nothing better to do and even then, if they remember while sleeping that they’re missing out on life, they’ll wake up ready to go.

But she does resemble me a bit anyway. She has all of my thick hair that tangles easily and needs coaxed to come out of knots. She loves laughing and loves her brother. She also has the Dawson nose, thankfully it looks more like my sister’s and mom’s and less like mine. But I also think she might have my chubby cheeks which I still maintain is much cuter and kissable on her than me! I’ll be interested to see who she’s more like in personality as she continues to fine tune it.
But so far so she is truly such a delight. Quick to smile and laugh. Never cries, unless she’s tired or hungry. She’s started to finally do some army crawling. She LOVES standing up and holding on to things and thinks she’s the most hilarious person in the world when she does it. Her little body shakes and shutters as she tries to balance and laugh at the same time. She laughs hysterically at dogs and loves Terre’s little chihuahua because she can put almost her whole mouth over his entire face. She loves to eat. She’ll truly eat anything and never turns away a good Cheerio or teething biscuit. Loves ice cream so much she’ll eat it while her mouth becomes numb and she no longer feels when she’s eating it until it hits her toungue. She is amazing, beautiful, hilarious and a joy to behold. Just check out the pictures and see for yourself!

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