Tuesday Thoughts

1) Trysten had a great first day at day camp yesterday. As a mom, we always wonder what our kids are like when they are completely out of reach of their parents. So we were pleasantly surprised when a counselor came up to us and said, “I don’t even care if he is the bosses son, he is just a great kid.” Ahhhh, made my heart happy. But boy am I lucky I was the only one around him once we left camp. He was tired with a capital TIRED. After a less than successful bath, he was sent to bed early where he kept hanging on my neck telling me I’m the best snuggler and he just wanted to hug me and never let go. Tough to tear away from that kind of love!

2) On another Trysten note, he has the most odd timing when telling us he loves us. More often than not he can be heard saying, “Mommy/Daddy, I love you” while bent down waiting for us to wipe his butt after dropping a deuce. It’s truly amazing. Though Zach and I get a chuckle out of it, part of me thinks he knows only someone who REALLY loved him would do such a thing and wants us to let him know he’s worth it.

3) It’s tough for me to think of anything better than waking up and being the first to go get Dailah out of her crib. When she sees you, she inhales with such excitement it’s audible. It’s the sound we make when someone scares you or something like that. It’s even more awesome because it combines with her giggles, smiles and pumping of limbs to make it the best, “Good morning, mommy” in the world!

4) One of my forum friends sent this link http://farmerstravels.blogspot.com/ about some friends of hers who recently went on a 2-year missions trip to Malawi to visit HIV orphanges among other things. Pretty amazing pictures on the blog if you get a chance.

5) So last night Zach got a much needed guys night and I was left to my own vices, i.e. watching the special on Princes William and Harry. Most of you know I have a slight (by slight, I mean ridiculously overwhelming) obsession with English accents (or rather, any accents, when I think about it). So I was sitting down to watch some mind numbing entertainment and get a few laughs on funny phrases the Brits were about to say. What I wasn’t prepared for was the images of them as young boys with their mom, Princess Diana. It was incredibly sad to me and I found myself crying. After much reflection I realized I was crying because I was picturing my kids over in Ethiopia experiencing some of the same pain. Though to be fair, seeing your mom’s pictures splashed across magazines every day for the 10 years since she has been gone would certainly put new meaning to “re-living” the horror. Anyway, it made me grieve for those who have lost their parents, especially at such a young age. It made me count my blessings that I’ve gotten to know my parents through quite a few stages in life and hope that to continue for quite some time.

So my prayers have intensifed to all the motherless. I know God holds a special place in His heart for them, and I’m praying for the wisdom to know how and in what ways I can help.

Oh, and here’s an awesome poem I came across.

A whisper started our journey
Yet with no spoken word
A whisper tugged upon our hearts,
Instead of being heard.

Your family is not quite complete
There is yet another
A precious child that waits
For a father and mother

A tiny hand to hold
A child to embrace
A priceless little smile
A reminder of God’s grace

A whisper offered us faith
As we asked “Who?”, “When?”, “Where?”
Our searching paths found direction
As we whispered back in prayer

Then you were born, your photo shared
Our hearts were drawn to you
Now the whisper brings us joy
As the days between us grow few
Her little hand you’re soon to hold
In a family hug, embrace
Your soon to see her priceless smile
A reminder of God’s grace

Thank you, Lord, for all you’ve done
And all that you will do
Thank you for whispering to our hearts”I have a child for you.”

by Todd and Leslie Murrill

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