That time when I was an 80-year-old woman and broke my foot walking

On Friday I was walking from the main lodge here at camp to my car. I would actually describe my pace as “yogging”, which is what Zach and I call it when one is half jogging, half walking. I was talking to Trysten who was a few feet in front of me when I suddenly went down.

Trysten would later describe it as, “One second you were there and the next I heard “Oh!” and you were gone.” Yeah, that sounds about right.

I knew the second I fell that I had broken something. I could tell I had rolled the ankle but it felt different from the many times I’ve injured my ankles and so I just knew it was broken.

Also it looked like this: (that little bump is the 5th metatarsal-say hello-and I just noticed my second toe looks like there’s a heart in the nail polish. Cute!)



Thankfully Trysten, who is always waaaay more level headed than I am, asked what he should do and then ran off to get Zach when I asked him to. Sweet Zach went and cancelled all of his stuff so he could drop the kids off at Terre’s and then take me to the ER. (Pictured here with my ever growing foot boob).



After some x-rays and a good chat with the PA about why I throw up when I’m in pain (don’t judge, it happens) he told me indeed the 5th metatarsal was broken and I jacked up all the tendons and ligaments in the ankle as well. Here’s a boot, don’t put pressure on it, go see a specialist on Monday.



Meanwhile, the boob continued to grow.


And grow, until it took over my whole foot and ankle…



Yesterday I went to the specialist. I was really hoping to hear, “Ok, you did x to yourself. You will be out of commission x time.” Instead I heard, “You broke your 5th metatarsal in zone 2 which basically means it could go either way. It could heal on it’s own or you might need surgery to put a pin in place. You might go 6 weeks and then we decide you need surgery. You also twisted your ankle enough that it needs physical therapy but we can’t do that until the bone starts to heal. You’re looking at 3 months of it being pretty weak and shaky but even then, it will probably never go back to normal.”

Blurg. Stupid foot boob.



I got the ok to stick with the foot boot instead of being casted. He okayed that as long as I didn’t put any pressure on the foot at all-which includes no driving for 6 weeks. 😦

I’ve never been a person who sits still very well. I will admit I’ve been pretty sad since Friday about the fact that I’m going to miss teaching classes (I LOVE the people in my classes), not be able to just get up and go with the kids and have to rely on other people to do so much for me.

Did I mention I’m not super at asking for help and gladly accepting it? So 6 weeks of having to ask my kids, hubby and friends to do basic things for me feels like torture.

The good news is, it’s become pretty clear I needed to slow down a bit. Monday when I was icing the foot boob Trysten and I spent 45 minutes just talking. Normally I would’ve been doing laundry or dishes or something busy and it wouldn’t have happened. So I am definitely embracing the silver lining in all of this.

And honestly, it’s been such a great reminder that we need each other. That humans are meant to share and be in community constantly. I think I often convince myself that I can do this little life on my own. What a wake up call to be reminded that not only can I not do this on my own, by why the hell would I want to? Life is better shared. People love helping. I hope even after this foot heals that I can remember that.

Friends are coming over today to paint nails, bring food for the family and hang with me, this is no small task since I live 30 minutes from town. Regardless of the foot injury, I am so very grateful for this life of mine.

If you need me I’ll be here, reading and watching my tomatoes turn red.



8 thoughts on “That time when I was an 80-year-old woman and broke my foot walking

  1. Foot boob. You kill me every time. It looks pretty awful, though. Chandra and I were talking about how you love to take photos in the ER, but this time it’s probably a good thing. Every time think, “Hey, maybe I could kinda drive after 4 weeks” you look at those pics and listen to your doctor. Let it rest and heal. As always, I wish I lived closer. Distance from you just sucks.

  2. Oh, good gravy!! That looks incredibly painful!

    Just don’t push yourself. I know it’s going to be VERY difficult for you, but you will only impede your healing, and then you’ll pay for that the rest of your life. 😦 Sit back, relax, keep your foot up, and ACCEPT THE HELP FROM YOUR LOVED ONES!


    • Hi Vicki! Yes it did end up healing. It took me about 9 weeks non-weight bearing but it did! If your daughter is younger than I am it will be even quicker for her. Tell her good luck!

  3. This just happened to me and it is pretty inconvenient. I got a similar prognosis on Monday and go back for another X-ray tomorrow. I would love to hear an update on your recovery! /Users/tonyashort/Desktop/IMG_4061.jpeg

  4. Hi, the exact same thing happened to me just 2 days ago — right now there is a huge bulge on outer side of my foot that looks exactly like your foot! They did X-rays and said there are two breaks in the bone, and I also got the boot for the weekend. Of course i forgot to ask all of my questions, like how the hard bulge on the side goes away (how do the ensure the bone heals in the right way), and why they didn’t straighten it, etc. (I am wearing the boot but the bony bulge really hurts as it presses against side of boot!) How is your foot now and did you manage to avoid surgery? Does the bony bulge just naturally get smaller over time?

    • My foot is great now! I still definitely feel it if I’m wearing sandals (or some other not supportive footwear) and I step just so on a rock but otherwise it’s fine. The bulge definitely goes away but it took almost the entire 9 weeks I was in the boot. Does that help? Let me know if you have other questions!

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