The Fightin’ Irish

Hey all!
Well…unfortunately I don’t have exciting news, at least not on the adoption front. Our dossier is completely finished, we are just finishing up financial details so when that happens, we’re ready! I’ll definitely keep you posted.

Anyhow, this weekend was just so much fun for Zachary and myself (and I’m sure my offspring!) Our dearest friends, Dan and Becky (see picture with my triple chin) invited us to a Notre Dame game. Becky’s dad is the physician for the ND football team so we had great seats. Her parents were also beyond generous by letting us stay at their beautiful house and nibble on some food and drink a few beverages. We really had such a great time and thank the Bankoff/Aselsons for an awesome weekend.

It was a sad, sad game against USC but it was still a great time. We had time beforehand to walk around the ND campus and I can’t say enough about he beauty of that place. Zach and I had such a great time taking pictures and strolling together. We even got pictures of just the two of us, which hasn’t happened in ages! So enjoy those.

When we returned home, it was so great to see the kids. It was safe to say they had a great time getting spoiled by my sister and parents! However, we went downstairs to have some dinner and noticed there was an INFESTATION of those truly heinous non-dying ladybugs. Our house isn’t what one would call “leakproof” so approximately 4 billion found a few holes. My fabulous husband took the Dyson to as many as he could but it’s just no use.

Luckily, this led him to state that he’s had enough and he’ll hire someone to renovate this house full time, since the house wasn’t touched by anyone wanting to renovate the house last week. So…here’s to that happening! Until then, I’ll continue listening to these kamakaze ladybugs hit our light. Woohoo.

One thought on “The Fightin’ Irish

  1. Those lady-bugs suck! We are infested as well. The pics of the weekend look like so much fun! Enjoy time as a couple before you have 1 or 2 more kids to leave behind!! Good luck on the financial part of the dossier…it sure makes it all feel pretty real!!

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