It’s Time to Par-tay

Have I mentioned there’s lots of things going on with water lately? We have our big weekend coming up soon. Our BIG weekend, you know, the one where the founder of charity:water comes to Muscatine and Davenport to acknowledge what this small part of Iowa is doing and to encourage us to keep at it. That’s fairly big I would say. For a complete list of what’s going on that weekend, go here.

Since this is my blog, I want to invite you all to what I’ve been up to the last few months. It’s the Saturday night event. Below are the details.

Wine to Water
Saturday, November 21st
Downtown Davenport
7-10 p.m.
$20 suggested donation

-We’re featuring my favorite local winery for a wine tasting. My favorite wine of theirs is called “Felony Red”, puh-lease.

-Dozens of artists of bakery have volunteered to bake their little pieces of heaven for a dessert tasting.

-We have local musician Lojo Russo hitting the stage at 7. Our one and only Andrew Landers Project (husband of you know who) hitting the stage at 8:30.

-And we have Scott Harrison, talking about water, at 8.

We’re also auctioning off some Africas that have been hand painted by some of the best artists I know, including this fellow Ethiopian adoptive mommy.

Big stuff. Really, really cool stuff.

So you may be asking, since quite a few of you don’t live here, how you can come anyway. Well let me just tell you, my fantastic husband has offered to open up camp for free lodging. So figure out how to get here, and we’ll figure out how to keep you here. If you need babysitting, we can figure that out too.

But go to the website, see all of the events, they’re all worth it. People are working hard to ensure that every event will be worth your time. Figure out what works best for your schedule and go.

Now it’s time for me to get sappy because, well, that’s just how I do. So here it is. In order to fund this little party (called “Wine to Water” because that’s exactly what we’re doing, cool right?) myself and the Wine to Water committee sent out an email asking people to donate $100 or more towards the party. And you know what? They have. I have amazing friends and family. I’ve gotten choked up every.single.time someone said yes because I know what it means. I know to some of these people $100 is a big deal and I know to other people, the large amounts of money they donated is a big deal.

I had seriously forgotten how water gives life to both the people who are getting clean water and the people who are working to give the clean water. What a soul enriching thing this whole deal is.

And seriously…one of our great friends said they wanted their honorary host title to be, “Cates Asleson in honor of Tariku Klipsch”. You just felt that, right? That’s how supportive they’ve always been.

I love bringing people I love into this deal. When they become a big part of it, they get excited about life as I have been. I’ve seen that when they get involved, it changes them, and that is so very exciting.

So come to our weekend of water. Find out what we’re talking about and meet the faces behind it all. If you have any questions, leave a comment or email me at

Whew, that’s why I don’t blog at 7 a.m. I need to find a picture or something.

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