Good News

So we figured out the whole “money issue”. In just about 8ish business days we will have the aforementioned monies and will be able to send in our dossier, signed, sealed and delivered. Gimme a little “Woot, Woot!”

So I don’t have too much else to write, I’m just all kinds of pizzumped about that. It’s amazing to me how this adoption has opened up avenues I never thought it would. I’ve met amazing people, and found people I would’ve considered friends before this even better friends. Overall people are genuinely excited for us and I find that so great. We’ve had no shortage of people offering to help us in any way they can and it means the world to us. So thank you, all of you, for all the seemingly little things you’ve said or done.

Here are a couple cute pictures of the kids because where else are you going to see all this beautifulness in one blog entry? Couple things: 1) Don’t remember if I let everyone know that my eldest lost his first tooth. Kinda crazy, kinda too young but it’s gone nonetheless. 2) Dailah has started taking around 5ish steps at a time and continues to find herself ridiculously hilarious. Okay, I think I’ve introduced the pictures enough.

5 thoughts on “Good News

  1. I love the kangaroo costume. I saw it and I thought about having another kid just so I could make my kid wear it. But, I’m good now that I know Dailah is wearing it.

  2. WOOT WOOT WOOT!! That is fabulous news! Amazing how it all works out!The kids are soo cute. Love the kanga costume…looks cozy warm too! Let us know when the Dossier goes in the mail…I will raise a glass of finely chilled wine in your honor!!

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