Well, I was told that I’ll be officially waiting as soon as they get the package (which was guaranteed today before noon) but I also thought I’d get an email. So I’m not going to start the countdown until I hear from someone in MN that they did indeed receive the dossier.

So, for now I’ll wait. I rest easy knowing it’s a matter of days.

I also rest easy because they started on the house today. They started and worked the whole day, nothing really to show for it, though. My amazing betrothed and good friend, Dan, however, have been downright attacking the house. One whole room is almost demolished and I’m feeling much better.

What am I doing you may ask? Since I’ve been sooo excited about this house being renovated and getting accutely angry when nothing has happened…well I’m sitting her blogging. Because all I can do right now is move stuff up and down stairs. I’m normally up for anything, but tomorrow night is my big BODYPUMP debut and what’s a girl to do? The hubs doesn’t understand, Dan called me an unmentionable name and I feel downright silly. But I’m so stinkin excited about the debut that I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to get through the squat and lunge track if I’m doing stairs all night. So I’m sitting on my favorite chair that I’ve moved into another room (go me) talking to you all. You understand, right?

And just for good measure, I’ll attach some pics. How about that one with the two cute kids? Did God kiss those faces or what? Pics: My aforementioned hubby (in the middle, he’s an 8-yr-old pirate) with his two brothers and a random lady (Frank=Dwight Shrewt, Jake=a road). Dailah and Trysten on a hayrack ride. Dailah in her chair watching my brother play soccer. Trysten getting in the har with his awesome bedhead.

2 thoughts on “???

  1. We didn’t get any info on our dossier until 5 days after it was sent…but were on the list the day they got it. Hang in there!! Wish I could scoot down and take your body pump class. Sounds like something my tush could use!!! Good Luck 🙂

  2. Love the photos!You continue to be in my prayers!LOVE your photos…LOVE your stories.I was recently “tagged” by someone, so thought I’d “tag” you. Feel free to play or not…see my blog for more details!

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