Happy New Year’s indeed! This morning I woke up to an update on Tariku again! This one was even more special. This one had a picture!!!!! His head is shaved since I saw him last (they do that to stave off any ringworm or lice substances) and it’s an EXTREME close up but he really is so unbelievably precious! Ack I just want to hug and kiss on him until he can’t stand it anymore.

It also talked more about his personality (very sociable) and his favorite toy (ball). Some of his “achievements” (climbs stairs switching feet, etc). It was so great hearing more about him. I picture him doing all of these things. I even tried to take a nap but images of him were dancing around in this head of mine.

On top of all of that, after one maybe two emails to the government, they wrote back and said our fingerprints are set for January 15 at 10am in Des Moines (we’re coming mom and dad!). This all means after the fingerprints and the official word that we’re deemed acceptable to bring Tariku into the states there will be NOTHING stopping us (side from the Ethiopian courts that is). We are literally so close I can taste it. The reality of him growing in the care center (he has learned quite a few things since being there, and appears to have learned a lot of Amharic/English) is hitting me less and less hard when we are so close.

Can’t believe it’s 2008 already. 2007 was an absolute amazing year. It’s hard to believe we will be a family of 5 throughout most of 2008 and by 2009 having three kids will be as natural as it possibly can be. I’m excited for the uncomfortableness that the beginning of ’08 will bring!

Oh yeah, and if you are an Iowan, get excited for some caucasing in a few days!!! Hard not to be proud to be an Iowan this time of the year during a Presidential race.

Happy New Years to all!

2 thoughts on “BIG Day

  1. I am so excited for you! I am jealous of all your referral updates. We didn’t get any while we waited. What a blessing. You will have him in your arms sooner than you know!

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