So on Thursday night when we went out with the Klipschs to celebrate Zach, and therefore my, youngest sister’s 21st birthday an interesting discussion came up. The oldest brother has a friend whose child was born with Celebral Palsy (I think). I know the friend as well as the son but had never known the story of how it happened, etc. For those that don’t know, I suffered a miscarriage a few years back. On Thursday that baby theoretically would’ve celebrated it’s 2nd birthday. So the timing of it all was quite interesting. The story was told about the mother of this boy going into premature labor because she had turned septic with an infection. The baby was delivered at 23ish weeks and was diagnosed with CP some time afterwards. Anyhow, it really hit me that night for some reason. Perhaps it was the wine, it was definitely the timing…but I realized I had never thanked God for my miscarriage. It sounds strange even writing that. I don’t doubt that boy’s parents praise God for his life everyday, just as I would have had my baby been born. But I know God saved me from what could’ve potentially been a huge heartache by carrying that baby to term. I too was septic and, according to doctor testimonial, barely came through with my life. This is not to say I don’t mourn every December 28th for the child that wasn’t, but I am starting to realize the battles that child might have faced. God is truly something.

Tonight we celebrated my youngest nephew, Elihu’s, 1st birthday. Good times. My sister-in-law’s aunt adopted Steven (you got that?) from Ethiopia some 5 years ago. Steven was running around the house playing with Trysten and my nephew, Oliver. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. Though he was older than Tariku and certainly wasn’t Tariku, he was Ethiopian! I think he thought I was some sort of obsessed freak, and I kind of was. But really, can you blame me?

To end on a light note…one of the reasons I’ve always loved my husband is because of his passion. When he becomes passionate (it’s borderline obsessive) about something he REALLY latches on. Tonight, it is the Rubik’s cube. He started at Eli’s birthday party (sorry, Eli) and hasn’t stopped. It’s been close to 4 hours. He’s getting close, as close as you can I suppose. But it’s really something to watch! Good thing his passion also goes into more productive things like being a phenomenal husband, father, and Camp Director otherwise we’d have quite the problem on our hands!

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