I Think I Know

I think I know what Heaven feels like. I think it’s something like rocking your 18-month-old to sleep when she has a bit of a cough. At first she’s still coughing and then you slowly feel her relax a bit, her breathing becomes heavier and then you feel her melt into your chest. I’m fairly certain it has to feel something like that. God probably lets us feel it in times like those because it’s easier to be thinking of everything you have to do rather than focus on the task at hand. But perhaps He allows us to get a glimpse of it when we slow down and enjoy an extremely active toddler melting into her mommy’s arms. If Heaven feels even 1/10 as good as that felt last night, I’m truly excited for eternity.

One thought on “I Think I Know

  1. It’s moments like that when any pain, anger or frustration we have just melts away. Conner fell asleep in my arms last night and it was heaven. I held him extra long just to savor the moment. Then he woke up and slept with us which he rarely does and all he wanted to do was cuddle. It was splendid. Chandra 🙂

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