Big Things

Today has been a productive day. We have started moving everything from upstairs to the basement because THE CONTRACTORS ARE STARTING ONE WEEK FROM TOMORROW!!!!! You read that correctly, come hell or high water, they claim they will be starting on the house. We’ve done the math and they should be done just in time for Tariku to come home.

It hit me as we were moving HEAVY stuff, it’s really happening. Not just the house, though I couldn’t be happier about that. But the fact that the house is beginning means we are on the backstretch to bringing Tariku home. I love the metaphor of the house becoming complete and our family doing so as well.

We’re heading to my parent’s house this week to hang with them a bit and pick up Tariku’s clothes from their storage. It will be a nice time seeing them!

Here’s to a wonderful last week in the house as is!!!

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