Fingerprints, Check!

So today we headed to Des Moines to get our fingerprinting done for the I-600A (finally). They are done, it feels good. So we were leaving a bit later than we had planned so we thought it best, since the appointment card was VERY specific about being there on time, that I drive. It’s not that I speed, per se, but I do tend to the heavy footed side, especially compared to my more conservative husband. Let’s just say it was wise of me to suggest my taking charge of the drive, we made it on time. Those fingerprinting machines are absolutely amazing! I’m still wondering why we had to travel clear to Des Moines and couldn’t just do it in the QC and have them mail it there. I digress, it was a good trip. We got to have a nice dinner (mmmm, Prime Rib) with my family and we’re heading home now. Don’t want to miss Book Club tomorrow!

I just wanted an excuse to post a few more cute pics since I finally put them on the computer. Alas, my fingerprinting blog!

Pictures: Zach and Dailah after successful completion of snowman
Dailah driving
Trysten and Dailah and their most recent favorite pasttime..riding our dog, Aristotle
Trysten jumping into he and Dailah’s stuffed animals. Dailah is actually hiding in the corner there too. This is what happens when I clean, by the way
Trysten and Daddy proud of their deer antler they found after a nice hike around camp

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