Today woke up feeling a little under the weather and watched as it digressed throughout the day. I heard Trysten coughing all night and he woke up with thick, green snot. So we went to the doc. Trysten’s got a sinus infection and bronchitis. I’ve got a sinus infection and ear infections. One ear is completely blocked and hurts. HURTS!!!! But we’ll pull through. Here are some pics to make everybody feel better! (The one of Tariku was an update we got on New Years, the one with Dailah and her braids was a daddy creation while I was gone.) By the way, it was SOOO much fun to be able to post pictures of all three of my kids!

5 thoughts on “Oy!

  1. 1. Didn’t know you were sick…hope you’re better soon!!! Let me know if you need anything. 2. I have beautiful nephews and a beautiful niece. Can’t get over how much Eli and Dailah look alike. Crazy.xo

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