Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Holy buckets, tomorrow. It’s tomorrow.

Today is reserved for teaching a class, going to the bank to get documents notarized and money, money, money. Oh, and then there’s the cleaning issue.

But most importantly, today is about watching my kids eat their Chocolate Lucky Charms and not yell at them for spilling one or two on the floor.

6 thoughts on “Tomorrow, Tomorrow

  1. Tesi!I’ve been reading your blog to see how everything is going! I’m so excited for your family. This is going to be such an amazing journey for you all. I also wanted to let you know that my mom’s computer crashed a while ago. She went through several people that told her they couldn’t retrieve her information. She finally found someone, I think it was like $150, and he got it ALL back for her. You could email her sometime after you get back and settle for his info. Her email is a safe and blessed trip!Jenny Botts

  2. …is it selfish of me to say I’ll miss your blogging while you’re away? yes, I suppose it is. 🙂 I wish you and your hubby the best for safe travels!

  3. Tesi and Zach-We’ll be praying for you all. I am so happy that this day has come. It has been an amazing journey. I can’t wait to read all about your trip.

  4. Tesi, I was hoping for a call, but it looks like you pretty much have everything ready to go! We will be thinking of you daily, and hope that all goes well. Say hi to Matt and Amanda (Who we haven’t met in person yet either) and give them our best too. You have been down a long long road, and I am so excited for you two that two days from now you will have met your new son!God bless your whole family and give you a safe journey, Tony

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