Do I Look…

Like a PTA mom? I sure hope so…because that’s who I’m going to be in just a few months.

It was Kindergarten round-up day. My baby boy all growed up and it’s just so hard to believe. I still remember those 3 hours of trying to push that big head out and then forgetting all about that when he looked at me. Awesomeness.

He did well…walked off flashing the peace sign as I choked back the tears and sat through a boring “chat” about what to expect from our kindergartner. Somehow during this boringness I got talked into not only joining the PTA but running for officer. All it took was the statistics on parents involved in their kids’ education doing much better than others (and I had a mom who was our high school guidance counselor, she knew if I laughed at something inappropriate in class before class was out…i’m a believer). So there you have it.

Everything else is going well. I’m not quite sure if I was prepared to deal with the fact that I love Tariku so much already. I was totally prepared for being a bit resistant to him but I’m not at all. It’s still hard for me to wrap my head around. 2 weeks ago I knew him just from pictures but he already feels like he’s been here forever (except for the fact that he sings in a language I don’t understand and I LOVE singing along with people).

With that said, here’s some pics of the people I love the mostest. A couple of the pics: we went on a hike through camp yesterday it was aweome, Tariku and Dailah got into my sister’s lip gloss, first trip to Target, first trip to doctor, who says Ethiopians don’t love dogs? and just love in general.

8 thoughts on “Do I Look…

  1. OK, that second picture needs to now be the picture for your blog. Beautiful!!I’ve been the vice president of the Parents’ Club (our version of the PTA) at my son’s school for several years now. I’ve got mixed feelings about not doing it next year, since he’s graduating in June. It’s been a lot of work (especially this year, because I’ve actually been the acting president for most of the year) but it’s been very rewarding at the same time. I like being involved, and knowing what’s going on at the school. I’ve become very close to the principal and asst. principal. I’m really going to miss the staff next year when my son isn’t there anymore. But, I already signed up for Mothers’ Club at his high school last month. Yeah, I’m a sap!

  2. Tesi, those pics are AWESOME! And it so makes me want to be outside right now with kids running around. Love them! Thanks for the comment on the blog 🙂

  3. Ah the PTA, yes I remember elementary PTA, I guess I will get to do it again.Just wanted to say hi and welcome home again. Thank you for taking the supplies over for us!!!A

  4. I was kicked off the PTA, but I still claim I quit it first… I am super-involved in my kids’ education, but I love being in the classroom and the lunch room with the kids, not with all the psycho parents who all think their kids deserve straight A’s. I’ll be curious to find out what you think. Your family is bee-yoo-ti-ful and I love all the photos. Any chance you’ll be at the ET picnic this summer????

  5. Hey Tessi, WE BOTH did kindergaten registration yesterday!!! Did you cry?? I am keeping the tears for the first day when I leave him. 😦 Good for you going for PTA. My hubby is a high school counselor, so he will totally be in the know when they get old enough. 🙂

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