Poo Sampling

So today has been a test in motherhood and it’s only 7:40.

Yesterday we went to the doc and they gave us a poo sampling kit so we can test Tariku for giardia (I need no test, the paint on my bathroom walls is recoiling in fear when that kid enters the bathroom). I was thinking on my way home how there needs to be a service who will do the poo collecting for you, I hate that stuff. So I thought of a business idea. The company will be called Poo For You and the slogan will be, “We do poo so you don’t have to.” I think it’s brilliant. But until someone actually puts it into practice, I had to do it myself. 😦

6:30..”Mommy, caca.” Says my middle child. I rustle out of bed, knowing what’s in store for this momma when he utters “caca”. I get all the supplies ready, put the gloves on and mentally prepare myself for what’s to come.

6:35 2 dry heaves later and it’s done. Exit bathroom stage right and see vomit from woosha (dog). Proceed to “let” him outside. Clean up vomit.

6:37 Commence to kitchen to make breakfast for 3 hungry chitlins. See large pool of urine by the door. Look at Tariku, “Tariku, shinte?” (Tariku did you just piss on the floor?) Finger shakes from Tariku. (No)

So either my dog or my son peed on the floor. I’ll give Tariku leeway as it’s entirely possible he was sleep walking and dropped his pants where he thought was the toilet.

Better get to taking those poo samples to the poo market. Apparently it tests better when it’s fresh. Where oh where are the Poo For You people when I need them?

12 thoughts on “Poo Sampling

  1. great – so looking forward to this. we are testing quinn, just in case, since he has this unexplained fever and periodic runs. although his poo doesn’t have that telltale wretched smell.

  2. It’s very nice to see your “stressed anticipation” blogs are gone, and your usual “Make me laugh out loud during my work meetings” blogs are back in full swing! Tony

  3. Hey, Im a friend of Cassie’s. Ive enjoyed reading your blog and about your adoption. This story cracked me up and I had to write. Your writing of it made it hysterical. Although if it had been me – I wouldnt have been laughing.

  4. mmmmmmmmmmmmI had so much fun doing that….I thought to myself several times that I didn’t believe that I had signed up for poo collection : )

  5. Hey Tesi,I got Guiardia (however you spell it) when I was in El Salvador! It is not fun at all!! If you think it’s bad, imagine what Tariku is feeling! It was horrible. I lost 7 lbs. in 3 days, which was the only good part. 🙂

  6. TESI, I asked an Ethiopian coworker how to say, ”Please pee inside the toilet”. You need to tell him, ”E-baw-khen shen-taw-ken gurr-god west shenaw”:)

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