Reason 4 Million and Counting Why I love Trysten

Another blog about a conversation with a 5-year-old.

Trysten: Mom, Max and Quincy (Jody III’s boys, check sidebar) don’t have their brother and sister home yet (they’re adopting the twins from Sierra Leone) but we have Tariku.

Me: That’s right, who did you talk about that with?

Trysten: Quincy, he said he’s excited to get them home and play with them. He said he misses them like I missed Tariku before he came home. He said that we’re cool because we have brothers and a sister who are from Africa.

Me: Well he’s right about all of that!

Trysten: Mom, is Africa cooler than America?

Me: It’s just different. Cooler in some ways, not in others.

Trysten: I sure wish I was from Africa. Tariku talks cool and I like his skin because it’s my favorite color. Quincy and I wish we had black skin because that’s really cool.

Does he get any cuter? I mean, really.

Ok so I liked, no pictures this time but this was an unplanned post. I just have to post when my kids are cute, it’s like some motherly thing I think.

The kids are down (it’s 7:30) and I’ve heard 4 flushes of the toilet in 15 minutes. That means only 10 more and they should be down for the count. Boys crack me up.

5 thoughts on “Reason 4 Million and Counting Why I love Trysten

  1. Black / Brown are beautiful if I do say so myself. Tesi- Your boys (and girl) are the greatest kids (that is next to mine) I got 3 high fives from Tariku today in the hall at the Y! He is one HAPPY KID! Jude just announced that “GREEN MEANS GO GO GO AND RED MEANS STOP STOP STOP” and asks “Does Orange meand stop stop stop too mama,” I said nope “Only Red.” He said okedoke!

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