Urine Part Deux

So things are going better with the urine situation. Well, I don’t know if “better” is the word, perhaps just “different”. He doesn’t pee on the floor as much anymore (yippeee!) but he does pee all over the toilet seat as he just forgets to push that up as well (yuck). The cheerios hasn’t helped that situation. I’m hoping if I keep repeating to pull the seat up maybe it’ll just sink in. How soon is too soon to have the boys start cleaning their own toilet? Gag a maggot.

Had book club last night and actually stayed out until 10:30. Those things just don’t happen to me anymore. But it was great conversation with a great group of women, I am just so grateful for their wisdom and insight!

Thanks for your prayers for my grandpa! He is out of the hospital and they are trying to control his issues with medicine. Now we need prayers that he takes the medicine! If not, we gave my grandma permission to chop it up and put it in chocolate (grandpa is the person who passed on my absolute obsession for all things chocolate and good).

We have thick, green mucus and coughs at our house. Is anyone else really questioning this whole global warming thing with the weather being 30 degrees IN MAY!!!! My goodness, this is getting ridiculous.

I really don’t even have any funny antecdotes to share or pictures for that matter because all things considered, I’m quite lazy and don’t want to go look for the camera. So until I get some powerful motivation, you just have to settle with my mom-ish words and lack of humor.

2 thoughts on “Urine Part Deux

  1. Glad to hear your grandpa is doing better.Yeah…as for global warming…it obviously hasn’t reached Iowa and MN yet. This is freakin nuts!!! There was FROST on my grass this am. PATHETIC! Enjoy your day…may it warm up at least a tidge!

  2. Ladies, ladies, GLOBAL warming is just that, GLOBAL. NOT local. Some areas will get hotter, and some, unfortunately ours, are getting colder. Extreme conditions are the key, not necessarily heat everywhere.

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