Bikes and Bikes!

My boys love the bike. So the other day we went to the bike path in Davenport complete with the whole fam, one bike, one wagon and one 120 lb lab. It was a lot of fun. Trysten is so weary of anything new. He wanted me to have a continuous hold on his bike/shirt so that he wouldn’t tip over, much to Zach’s dismay. He took some getting used to it and never really went downhill, just rode the break the whole time.

Then it was Tariku’s turn. I kept putting my hand on the bike downhill and he kept brushing it off, “No thanks, mommy.” And off he’d go with me hobbling behind him. It was pretty amazing.

Then Trysten decided he was brave too. 🙂 It will be very interesting to see how those different personalities take shape as the kids get older.

The Dutchess, as I’m sure you can guess, was just fine sitting and sunning in the wagon munching snacks and enjoying the scene.

Oh, and Zach is the master of rigging up various things in our house to make daily life a little easier. So he tried this harness, leash thing with Aristotle (our dog) pulling the kids but also attaching around his waist. This made for little to no effort on his part…in theory. He didn’t take various control issues into account like the fact that there were 400 dogs on the path and Stotle wanted none of walking in a straight line to pull 2 kids in a wagon. So most of the time Zach was just ticked at the dog and pulling him, fixing the rigging device, cussing, yelling at Stotle, etc, etc. I took quite a few pictures but Zach wasn’t really happy about it so none of those. 🙂

One thought on “Bikes and Bikes!

  1. a few things1: when did trysten become a real boy?2: why the hell is tariku wearing a packers jersey?3: isn’t it about time for a new family pic at the top?love you, sister.

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