You’re My Rockstar

Why didn’t anyone tell me boyfriend/girlfriend business starts so young these days?

Yesterday Trysten told me his “friend” from camp told him that he was HER “rockstar”. Seriously. I admit, it’s hilarious and a genuinely original way to tell someone you’re a fan of theirs but the kid is five. I am able to sleep at night hoping neither one understands what that means and perhaps she said it because she heard him play the guitar and recognized immediately his raw talent.

Today the awesome lady at the Y’s childwatch (Miss Sally) told me Dailah has a “boyfriend”, Jack. Jack will sit at the table and yell, “Dailah, get me food, Dailah I’m hungry, Dailah I want to eat NOW.” And Dailah, being the good wife she is, gets him his plate and fake food, waits while he eats it and then clears the table only to sit by her lonesome to enjoy her dinner. Then they walk off holding hands.


3 thoughts on “You’re My Rockstar

  1. My son has had a “girlfriend” since preschool!! There was one little girl that he was sooo smitten with in preschool, and the feelings were mutual. Her name was Nicole, and she was the most adorable little thing you’ve ever laid eyes on, other than my son, of course!! Even her mom noticed that the babies had a puppy love thing going on with each other.Flash forward to 1st grade, and that’s when he met his “wife.” Her mother and I went to college together, and our kids ended up going to the same grade school. They used to leave each other little “love notes” in their desks (I have a drawer full of them that I saved!) The class held a mock wedding for them in 2nd grade! The other girls made her paper flowers and a veil made out of tissue! (Man, I miss recess!) She transfered schools after the 3rd grade, but they never lost contact. We get together as often as we can. He has her listed in his cellphone simply as “Wife.” Too funny!! As a matter of fact, she spent the evening with him at his dad’s last night. I have to keep reminding myself that they’re starting high school in a few weeks, so maybe I should be looking at this from a different angle now (?)

  2. oh honey… and with her looks you are SO screwed. This comes comes from another screwed momma, but mine’s 14 already.. hang on to your hat ;o)And enjoy the ride!!! So cute

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