Happy Birthday, Doozie

So my daughter turned 2. Kind of crazy to think about. Here’s a quick recap of her birth.

(back story) A year and a half before Dailah was born I miscarried because I got REALLY sick with a kidney infection that ended up getting in my bloodstream, turning me septic. Obviously too much for the little one in the womb, it succumbed to the infection and I managed to escape death. Sooo, we were told that IF we were to ever get pregnant again, I’d have to be considered “high risk” since my body likes to take commonly acquired illnesses (UTI) and turn them into near-death experiences.

So there I was, December 5, 2005 found out I was carrying the Doozie. Pregnancy went well for the most part. They put me on an antibiotic once/day throughout the whole thing in hopes that it would stave off any unnecessary bugs. Then Zach had to go out of town for a 2 week stint for work. Though nervous, I was still 3 weeks until D day so we thought we’d be fine.

Well…I went into my normal 2 second doctor’s appointment and my urine and follow up blood sample showed signs of infection. They put me on the monitor and she proved she was a stable young thing so they sent me to the hospital to do an amnio. After the amnio came back saying there was a 5% chance of Dailah’s lungs being underdeveloped they left the decision to me whether to induce. Zach rode the midnight train home to help me make the awful decision. In the end, against a few people’s advice, I chose to induce because I wasn’t leaving the hospital with no baby like last time. It simply wasn’t an option.

They put something in my naughty bits that was supposed to just “prepare the cervix for labor” but it ended up, just a few hours later, throwing me into the “good stuff” of labor. They wanted me to have an epidural (oh pull my arm) because other tests had shown my spleen had doubled in size and they were a bit worried about it exploding or something so they also wanted to make sure I didn’t push very much. Anyway, just a few hours later, with her daddy, auntie Leslie, auntie Kait and grandma Connie in attendance, Dailah made her entrance.

Not breathing at first, the first picture is what I turned over to see.

So…5% my patotie, Dailah was in the NICU for a week because her blood tests showed signs of infection as well (how much do I thank God every day I made the decision I did?) Of course, she was and still is the Dailah we know and love and she was off most machines and monitors after only 2 days. Always the fighter that one.

And today she is our little Dutchess. I’m fairly certain she’ll be the comic of the family. She has a knack for making people laugh and then continuing to do so. She is the mommy of the group as well. Loves taking care of people. We had baby Cates over for Dailah’s party yesterday and all Dailah wanted to do was hold her and feed her. She gave her lots of kisses and laughed at her little feet. She loves her new tutu and new purses and doesn’t care too much for guns, swords or Power Rangers.

She loves snuggling and giving kisses. She insists on a nightly bath and helps put her own lotion on. She goes on the potty about once a week and seems fine with that. Though, truth be told, I was kind of disappointed when the ultrasound showed her to be a girl (hey, I wanted 3 boys and then 2 girls, sue me for my control freakishness) I am so very thankful she is just that.

I know every daddy says their little girls have them wrapped around their fingers but I didn’t think Zach was capable of it. Though he does discipline her, it pains him to do it and she knows it. She is so sweet, and so funny I am just so blessed to be her mommy.

Even though she entered in such a tumultuous way, she proves every day that she was meant to be here and I am truly a better person for having brought her into life.

Happy birthday baby girl!

Pictures wouldn’t post so watch for them coming *hopefully* tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Doozie

  1. Oh my God, Tesi, what a story!! A what an adorable little girl you have there. Happy, happy birthday, Doozie!(I’ve always wondered where “Doozie” came from…care to share?)

  2. Happy Birthday Princess Doozie! Tesi, her birth is nothing short of miraculous…way to trust your mommy instincts and get her into the world. During this LONG adoption process, her sweet smile and spunk has brought many a smile to my face. Thanks for sharing her with all of us in the blog-o-sphere!!Hugs to all!

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