I’m that lady that gasps, claps and “whats?” at the Olympics, which is awesome. Loving every second of it! I’m with you, Cindy, our 2 countries housed in this house are so excited about the whole thing. The kids, waving their American and Ethiopian flags, love the Olympics.

The weekend was awesome. Mishap with the camera has caused me to not be able to publish some pics but once my mom sends me them you should probably mentally prepare yourselves for some ridiculous cuteness. Suffice it to say, the kids were happy but tired. 3-hour-naps and 12-hour-night sleeps is starting to catch them up.

Today was kindergarten registration. We took Tman to that and then to Applebee’s (his favorite restaurant…I know, we’ll work on his taste). After that we headed to pick up his school supplies list. More to come on that.

For now, here are some pics of Andy’s concert that my friend, Amy, took. I think it’s funny because Leslie and I often “ask” (and by “ask” I mean “tell”) people that we look alike. But I think the proof is in the puddin…or the pictures.

My love, my life, my hubby.

A daddy’s love. Anyone else like to playfully spank their diapered babies? I always miss when they’re out of diapers and you can no longer pat them on the bottoms for fear you’ll hit too hard.

The whole family at Andy’s. Guess which one c’est moi…

This is hilarious. My $8/box hair doesn’t quite measure up but we’re close.

My diapered, dazzling Doozie.

Me, Doozie, L-nizzle and Puddin’…told you I love nicknames.

2 thoughts on “And…

  1. Hi ya! So this comment isn’t really related to your latest post…whoops! It is more for your your ministry at church I guess, my husband and I (he commented a few months back as an anonymous to one of your posts about being Jesus on the ground–I have told him he needs to sign in!) anyway, we are adopting from Ethiopia! YAY! Our paperwork is all in and we are just waiting. So while we wait, I am trying to keep busy and be purposeful, the first thing that I am doing is running the Richmond Marathon and raising money for the kids in Ehiopia, here is my blog about it know that you run, so I wanted to pass along the idea, I would love to have runners from all over the country join in and Run for Ethiopia.

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