Caves and Campfires

Yesterday was, if I do say so myself, an awesome day.

We started the day with the Landers at Maquoketa Caves. It’s about an hour from our house and was quite fun. I must admit we are either the best moms on earth or the most insane, or perhaps it takes both to be the first, who knows. Anyway, 9 kids under 9, 2 adults under 30…recipe for disaster. Turned out a lot better than one might think but Jody and I were both in agreement that perhaps next time we either a) bring more adults to help with the 3 smallest or b) just bring the bigger kids. I was planning on stealing from her awesome camera but she forgot her memory card so you’ll have to go with these. I think you get the idea.

The story of Jody’s life…yay for twins!

The first obstacle…got through it with just a few tears.

Jody with the 3 youngest…a little help please?

Here we go.

All of ’em. Trysten and Max admiring their tree frog.

The aforementioned frog.

Tariku hiking, “I done mommy”.

Dailah looking up at her eldest brother, such love.

“Can I be your friend? Maybe another sister?”

Dailah enjoyed hanging with Kora. She would yell, “Ora (Kora) mere (come here)” and then proceed to clap. Kora obliged.

Just a cool looking picture.

Doozie fell asleep on the way home and took an hour nap, then wouldn’t sleep when we got home so this is what she spent her time doing instead.

Then Zach got the idea to head to camp’s lake and do some fishing and a bit of a campfire grillout. It was a great idea on this perfect night. The high point had to be when Tariku decided he had to “drop a deuce” as they say. There are “bathrooms” (I use the term loosely) right next to our campfire so I tell him to go in those. He starts screaming and crying that there are bugs and spiders. I had to try to explain that, of all parts of the human anatomy, the butt has the fewest reasons to be elitist when it comes to accomplishing it’s duty (get it…duty). After having to place him on the potty, we came to an understanding. After that, it was all good.

One reason I married Zach…and it ain’t his firemaking skills (though those are great too).

The boys helped daddy get the fire going, Tariku’s face is hilarious.

After hot dogs were consumed by the kids they went to do some fishin’ while mom and dad ate their chicken.

The adults choice of meat. Seasoned chicken to perfection. Mmmmmm. Smores were had by all and enjoyed by all, especially our Ethiopian prince who was trying them out for the first time!

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