I’m restless. Restless for peace, restless for insight, restless for guidance. I know where I’m at right now is not the final picture. I know there is supposed to be more than what I’m doing with the “me-ness”. I’m restless to prove to God I’m not a total failure as one of His people. I’m…so…restless. Blah, I’m restless and suffering from allergies. The combination has given me a few sleepless nights.

On a lighter note, Doozie (Ms. Dailah if you’re nasty) is officially poop potty trained. She has been for a couple days now but I’m just getting around to congratulating her now. I can’t take any credit for it, however, as she has become quite persuasive in her pursuit for growing up. I think watching big brothers have all the fun on the potty has led her to believe she’s missing out on something big by not doing so herself. So…hopefully soon to come will be being potty trained in full and then no more diapers for camp Klipsch.

P.S. 10 cyber dollars for anyone who knows which song I referenced with Dailah’s name.

5 thoughts on “Restless

  1. Well, Janet Jackson, duh!! Nasty Boys, don’t mean a thing…Congrats on the poop situation! That’s huge! Just think of all the money you guys will save by not having to buy diapers.

  2. Nasty boys, Janet Jackson…..Miss Jackson if you’re nasty……keep the $10…..she’s DEFINITELY nasty…… opposed to Ms Dailah….so sweet she makes my teeth hurt……

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