Yee Haw Baby Doggies

First I want to give a big “Shout out” to my favorite daddy. He celebrated his birthday yesterday and I didn’t have internet to give him a shout out then. I must say I am so very thankful he is my daddy and such a good one at that. Though quiet by nature, his presence is always felt and as good as he is as a dad, he might be an even better grandpa. It’s baffling to think about but my dad, John, doesn’t even mind that Doozie calls him “Papa Don”. He’s an awesome man, and I know had he fathered everyone else in this world (that would be weird!) the world would be a much better place. Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today found us heading the horse barn so the kids could have a quick ride. My mom-in-law, Terre, was (and still would be if not for that fake hip and whatnot) a pretty great equestrian from what I hear and her youngest son’s (my hubby) “got skillz” as well. He’s eager to see which of his offspring will follow in those big (and stinky) footsteps. If today is an indicator, it looks like the one who saw his first horse 4 months ago. Imagine that. Enjoy these.

Doozie watching Tariku, “Hmmm, I’m not REAL sure I want to do this.”

Ok, I think I can get used to this.

Old hat at this, he’ll be leading next time and we’ll see if he’s as confident.

I just thought this was funny. One of the junior high kids who helped the horse wrangler this summer named a horse, “Zach”. I’m not quite sure if that’s a good thing.

Then we went to a River Bandits game. Here are two of my favorite people sportin’ their shades.

Sometimes the camera turns on me.

Dan, Becky and Baby Cates joined us to make Dailah’s night by holding the baby.

And perhaps my favorite picture of the day. Clearly this should be in a picture frame somewhere.

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