Not As Young

I’m not as young as I used to be. This sounds funny coming from a young buck like myself but this young buck taught 3 classes today and can hardly move. Ice packs on the knees, Bengay on the joints, this is not how I pictured life just a few short years ago. I bet Lolo Jones doesn’t have to put up with this crap. I’m blaming pregnancy, pregnancy gets the blame for a lot of things going on with my body. Just another reason people should adopt.

Moving on…do you ever miss someone you never really knew? My paternal grandpa died when I was really young. I have pseudo memories of him; ones I imagine come from pictures and stories. I see the picture or hear the story and weave in my own tall tale. I’m missing him tonight. I hear he was a story teller (which, I’m guessing, is where I get this nasty habit). That what my grandma lacked in kindness he more than made up for. He was a hard worker and a retired Navy guy. Had a limp lasting his whole life because of shrapnel in his leg when a kamakaze hit his ship in WWII (See again, I might have made that whole thing up, but I think it’s fairly close).

What I miss most about him tonight is how he felt about his sons (all 4 of them!) and how he would’ve surely been proud of the way they kept his grandkids and great grandkids as the best of friends. I’m really wishing he was here tonight so we could stay up late telling crazy stories (granted, he’d be something like 97 and probably wouldn’t remember but this is my dream and I get to dream it like I want to).

And Zach just put in the “Here comes Trysten” tape. I think this is reason #2 in a single blog for adoption. Good, God!

2 thoughts on “Not As Young

  1. He Tesi-You dont know me but I stumbled on to your blog and find that I look forward to reading it. I also would someday love to adopt but my husband is not quite sure yet about it. I am completly sure about it and hope that he will be someday soon, I pray that he will be. So just wanted to say “thanks” for the entries and inspriation. From your friend in MN.

  2. Tesi,So I’ve been a little out of the blog loop for awhile, just catching up now that the kids are back in school…so did I miss something? are you pregnant?Jessica

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