So the reason for my stalled blogging….A SURPRISE PARTY for my sister, Leslie! (OF course) I’ve been planning this for something like 6 weeks. Leslie has been so excited to turn 30 and I’ve always been about showing people that I love them so it just worked well. As I said in a previous blog, she is my locovore expert so some details about the party:

It was held out here at Camp. I bought only food that was grown within a 60 mile radius of us. (Except of course the chips and pop but those are necessary at all parties if you ask me). So here are some food pics.

The beer that Frankie and Emily picked up. All locally brewed all amazingly delicious, including one that was jalapeno flavored (I know, who knew?)

I had to include this. The wonder twins from Sierra Leone were infinitely fascinated by the keg.

Burgers with free range cattle grazing just 5 miles North of us.

Oh this concoction. I spent the better part of last week collecting potatoes, squash and onions for this delicacy. And boy was it worth it! 30 minutes on the grill (or 4 hours in the oven, depending) made this worth…every…bite.

Shishkabobs from Frankie and Emily. Some had steak, some had chicken, all were delicious.

And the desserts. Oh the desserts! Made by Leslie’s aunts and grandmas who were sent from heaven for many reasons but one of them HAS to be their ability to make fantastical desserts. Seriously, you have not tasted pie until you’ve tasted those.

Leslie with her cake. Did I mention the cake was amazing as well?

And then the actual party…She had friends from Chicago, Atlanta, Minneapolis, St. Louis and Tipton come. They came from near and far to celebrate this amazing woman’s birthday. But no Klipsch party would be complete without feats of strength. So here we have Aunt Gayle doing the splits. Amazing, no warming up, just went straight for it. For the record I couldn’t be paid enough to try this.

And my favorite of all party favors, my brother-in-law, Jake’s shin slaps. Words can’t express the amazingness.

Leslie and her girls from Chicago/Minneapolis.

And finally, sisters. Emily, Leslie, Kait and myself. Kait wrote a great song for Leslie that she sang beautifully. Loves, the beautiful ladies I get to call sisters. Love them so much.

I LOVE hearing from you!

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